I wish i could leave him

Its opressing. he pushed himself on me when i was very young. we had s**, but believe me i did not want it, but did not know how or have the strength to push him away. he is 8 yrs older than me. he is possessive, and won't let anybody close to me. he dominates me with s**, it is incessant, and everywhere. i know it is his power thing, and that is how he controls me, i just can't say no to him.

when i got old enough i married him, at his insitence, and he got his papers. i work and support him, he is pretty much useless and hangs out with his useless budies. i have two kids out of this relationship. if i answer back or don't obey it is pretty rough, and he ends up dominating me with s** again. i can't tell you all the places he has mounted me, yes mounted, no love here.

his buddies, others like him from his country, are the same way with their women. and these women take it and tell me that it isn't so bad because he doesn't beat me so bad. it is our place to work and support them, because they are just being men.

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  • ...You wouldn't happen to have two boys would you?

  • Very sad...
    This is really about you
    True you were very young,
    But you sure had insecurities, which din't allow you to do anything, WHICH WOULD BE DIFFERENT FROM THE STATUS QUO
    U can't leave him, now U've got kids ...
    Don't Ur kids stand up to him for U?
    If they are too young, then,
    U must stand up for everything that is correct, even if it means U'll be physically aabused before U can go to the police, & DO NOT ALLOW THE ENTIRE LIVES OF UR KIDS TO BE SCARRED ...
    Seperate & take custody of Ur kids - they anyway live off YOUR earnings- U sure can support them
    The good thing is U r z earing member!
    Why I say U should get out of this relationship is that, U do not mention at all, that U are gratified by his approval.
    Then what R U waiting 4?
    Trust in God & take z plunge!
    All z Best!

  • It must be good living in fantasy land. -Dr .O

  • you have got to be joking this is Australia!!!! have you mentioned this to the b******?? if that is how he believes a woman should be treated then he needs to go back to his own country and you need a slap in the face! WAKE UP and GET OUT before he hurts you badly!

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