I hate retarded and disabled people
why does the world accept them!
seriously they just make everything harder for everone else
we have to live our lives worried we'll insult them or treat them wrong
they get special treatment as it is,
they do outrageous things that most people couldnt get away with, but they always do, because they are screwed up,
they need to all be killed, and then they wouldnt be around anymore,
i no thats extreme but how in any way are they bettering the human race by living, no they just spreads their dirty genes throughout the population.



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  • I agree with the tards but disabled people can't help it as Lady Gaydar would say "They were born that way!"

  • Wow are you Hitter's son because he thought like that as well ?

  • I under stand were hes comin from. with all the people starving in the world why do we waist time on helping them. we should just kill the weak ones at birth instead of letting them die slowly and use valuble resources. theres your population control. if there were no weaklings then we would all be better. im not saying kill all disabled. im saying kill all people who could not enjoy life do to there physical or mental abilities. like when their being born if they have severe problems living you should end their life right then. instead of letting them suffer and drag us down as species. we have to cut the fat.

  • You a******. You are the true r*****. Just as people are diagnosed with cancer, does that mean that they are bad people and should be killed. "Retards" get away with what they do because they can't help it. Just as it seems you can't help being an absolute idiot. And don't pull the "your brainwashed" bullshit on me. I got into homeschooling to avoid the bureaucrats in schools, but your no better. You are morally impaired, and we should take all of the morally impaired people, and throw them into pits. Just like the homophobes, and the racist people, and the bigots, you deserve no more than being dropped off at a bus station to wander around.

  • LMAO ik its bad but i feel the same the way!! the just irritate the PISS out of me!!!

  • Me too, OP! I have an autistic sister that makes me want to choke a b**** when I'm around her. Let's just dig a big pit and throw all the retards in there.

  • Do trolls count as retards?

  • Right on! I feel the same way about people who don't know how to capitalize words at the beginning of a sentence.

  • Do you feel that you are kept behind or are forced to pay something out of your own pocket because his / her grammar sucks? You should stay with the subject if you want to post, otherwise you look stupid!

  • I am p***** that I pay all that money for schools and they fart out shitslurpers like you. And I don't mind looking stupid if you are being used to set the bar for brilliance.

  • Obviously you just answered to a different person. I didn't write the original post. Plus... You said "And I don't mind looking stupid if you are being used to set the bar for brilliance." Should I understand from your words that I am such a genius that it's not a big deal to look stupid in comparison to me? This is what you just stated! Thanks...LOL

  • Wow, you have some serious hate in your life which is sad, but excuse me for pointing out how the h*** is it the disabled persons fault if they were born that way?!? Yes ok sometimes they are annoying but I'm sure they are on this earth to make people stronger and overcome these issues. They deserve to live to you know! Why does people like you exist? When all you do is hate on the less fortunate? To make people forgive others?!? I wouldn't know, what I would know is if you put half as much effort into your life as you do hating on those disabled you might and I said might be someone one day. Let this be a lesson learnt.

  • You are brainwashed by a society based on social justice. You digest whatever they serve you!

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