Misinformed and ANGRY

I, like millions of women around the world, once had an abortion. Not because i was in the wrong place in my life and didnt want him. I already had my first son, and was expecting my second when i was told at 26 weeks he had a severe case of HLHS. This meant the left side of his heart did not form, and if he was born, would die in a day. They had surguries (3 open heart surguries) that MIGHT fix this, but even that would only work for maybe 20 years and he'd die. And that was even IF he survived the 3 surguries, and then it'd still be a "poor quality of life"... All i wanted to do was save him all the pain and the bullshit. I was admitted into the womens and childrens hospital, where they injected potassium chloride into his heart to stop it before i gave birth. it was heartwrenching and absolutely the worst moment of my life, but i was comforted by the doctor telling me he wouldnt feel anything. Thats all i wanted, for my baby to pass away peacefully. I was not properly informed... is anyone??
The drug they used is again called POTASSIUM CHLORIDE - the same drug they administer to ppl who are getting the death penalty, except for the convicts they administer an anesthetic first because without it, it would be inhumane and unethical. Yet they readily use the same drug on unborn babies...
I am SO angry that doctors do not inform the patients of such, because in most circumstances the reason any parent would decide on abortion would be to save the child any pain, or uncomfortable-ness. I would like to apologize levi. Mommy didnt know <3

Apr 26, 2011

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  • My heart breaks reading your story, there is no greater pain than losing a child, and these circumstances make it horrific. Please don't torture yourself, forgive yourself. You weren't wrong to trust the health professionals advising you. I hope you find peace.

    Maybe you could harness your anger in a constructive way and spread the word, petition to get this stopped?

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