My sisters inlaw

I feel so terrible about this but I have fantasies about my sisters inlaw. I know that I shouldn't but they have very nice bodies. I mean they not super models or anything but I am so attracted to them. I worry that at night I will have a dream and say their name or talk about having s** with them. I try to avoid them when they come over, but it's hard to not want to see if they are interested in me sexually. Please advise.


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  • Ok a little update, so I took a little chance and told my sister inlaw how gorgeous she looked and the rest of the day she was like bumping into me and talking to me a lot. She also caught me looking at her t*** and just looked away. I may make the next move and catch her going upstairs one day and make a pass to whisper in her ear that I want to f*** her. I'll keep u posted.

  • Thank you for the above comment, but I took it a step farther. Now I've been masturbating to their pictures. As I'm jerking off I'll put the camera next to my c*** and fantasize about getting a b******* from them. I think the problem is that they have hubbies who don't give them attention and they dress with tight clothes or low top shirts, and they got some nice tatas. Godamit I'm getting hard right now. But how could I think this I'm married to their sister. I've always fantasized about getting drunk with one of them and letting that be the reason we f*****, you know having that be the excuse. I've even contemplated secretly recording them in the bathroom. I've got issues to sort out. Stay posted.

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