Imm getting so sick adn tired of my boyfriend. We've just had a daughter shes only 2 months old and he does practically nothing but come home from work grumpy and tired. The all he does is complain eat and sleep. We live with my mother and even she sees how bad things have gotten. i know she feels sorry for me and she tries her hardest to help me by looking after baby when she knows im to exhausted and all she asks for is for the house to be clean and $75 for board money from him. I don't think thats to much but he just complains and naggs about her. I mean nif we had our owwn house wich we cant afford $75 dollars isnt that much compared to how many bills we would have to pay.

When i ask him to help me out with the house all he starts complaining about how tired he is and how hard work was everyday,and when its his day off he hes say aww give me a break its my only day off so again im left with doing everything. Im getting sick and tired off cleaning and cleaning and a few seconds later its all messy again and im left too clean by myself.

And i recently found a message on his face book were a girl was confessing to him about how much she liked him and she saw the pictures of our daughter but how she wished it was there daughter and what makes me really sad is that he never even told her that theres never going to be anything between them because he has a family now. He's still friends with her on facebook.

And another message of him telling a diff girl how hot she was since he last saw her (this message was when i was pregnant)

another incident was when we had an argument and he went to another girl and said that he broke up with me how much of a b**** i was and how im trying to control his life and that he just left me and how he was going to his friends house to drink, he was texting her all this while he was sitting on the couch watching tv.

I dont trust him anymore and nowim thinking about what i have to do for myself and my daughter. But then again i think shes needs her fatherr. Im just tired.



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  • Sounds like two not-very-smart people are finding out the hard way what REAL life is like... and oh look, they just HAD TO make a baby, just to turn all this into a proper train wreck. Tale as old as time, and that's why society is overfilled with miserable and rather stupid people. Thanks ever so much for your contribution.

  • The answer to your problem is 42. ~TheStranger

  • Leave him hunnie. Its better not only for you , but for your daughter to grow up in a positive environment. And maybe these things you listed seem small and trivial to you right now, but small problems left unattended turns into BIG problems. If you and your partner are not seeing eye to eye right now, then further down the road could get more difficult - and it sounds like your tired of trying already. I think (and im sure your mother would agree) sure, its nice to have the picture perfect family with daddy and mommy and baby, but kids thrive better when in a positive environment. two seperated parents who are happy is better than two parents together who are misrible.
    and comon.... gurl, he's chattin up and hittin on other chicks on facebook while you are left to clean and clean and clean???? LEAVE THE BUM HUNNIE!!!! good luck

  • He sounds like a selfish d*********, I hate pieces of s*** like him! Now that you have his kid he thinks that he has the upper hand cause u need him. You need to show him that u mean business, give him consequences and stick to them,

  • Get rid of him. What did he think having a family was going to be like- a day at Disneyland? If you're doing everything by yourself and he won't help, trust me, it won't make any difference whether he's there or not. Let him GO.

    Your daughter will have her father. The courts will see to that. Visitation (along with child support) will be established. Now, whether or not he keeps up with visitation will fall on him. And if he's not motivated for that, who cares? It just means he's made room for someone more responsible to step in and show your daughter what a real man is like- so when she grows up, she doesn't end up married to a guy that DOESN'T HELP HER AROUND THE HOUSE AND LEAVES INAPPROPRIATE MESSAGES FOR OTHER WOMEN ON FACEBOOK.

    Do for YOU and YOUR DAUGHTER. You only have ONE chance at life with NO rewind button. Men come and go, but your DAUGHTER is the only DAUGHTER you have. Make it right FOR HER because SHE CANNOT DO FOR HERSELF. SHE is DEPENDING on YOU!!!!

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