Kid found dead in the creek

Today on facebook I saw that a lot of the statuses said R.I.P and then a message about this kid. I got worried and looked him up. I never talked to him but I recognized him and my heart sunk. I know its only natural to feel horrible after reading that someone in your town was found dead by the creek but I have felt to empty to cry ever sense reading that. I can barely move and it has been like 3 hours now. I have been through deaths before much closer to me and the people around me and I'm always too sad to cry. I guess I was always to busy taking care of my family and keeping my mom from cosing some kind of family riot. I'm a 15 year old girl with a 58 year old mom who is going insane without showing it, a 29 year old brother who lives with my blind 65 year old dad, and a 31 year old sister who is about to get married and I'm gonna have to keep my mom from doing anything stupid and ruining the wedding the whole time and all I can think of is this boy that I think I might have seen once.

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  • My brother actually found the body of a dead woman in a creek when he went fishing when he was 17. They never found out who killed her our why. till this day my brother still thinks about her and wonders why someone would kill such a young,beautiful girl, it has totally changed his life and his outlook on life.

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