Step father please die.

I confess that i really wish for my step father to die...actually i would love to kill him myself. everyday i fantasize about pushing him down the stairs and sometimes my imaginatiin get really gory. it sometimes scares me but tuen i start fantasizing again and it makes me happy. thing is i hate him, he smokes weed and gave that habit to my mom and also about a year ago he touched me innapropietly and showed me his p****. i told my mom and she talked to him and stuff, she even told me she would tell him to leave but he said he never did that so she believed him and now i have to see his face everyday. for a year this has been haunting me. i know it wasnt as extreame as rape but it really affected me emotionally. sometimes i think that if maybe he would have said sorry i would forgive him but yeah... also i have lost the feeling of love. people i know die and yet i am not affected and also at first i cut myself because of sadness but now i find it fun. maybe you think im crazy but im not, i act completely normal for a teen around friends... maybe alittle too friendly around boys but still normal, yet when i see his face... i just want to rip it out.

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  • Tell your Mom to get him out or the next call will be the Cops!

  • U want to get rid of him report him to the police then he will be bye bye and your mom will snap out of love with a pervert ! What he did was wrong and if it was me I would call the police and make a report don't call 911 just call the office in your local town .

  • He I to Have an A****** step dad just keep your head up as soon as you turn 18 you can tell him to go f*** himself and leave that what I plan on doing.

    So please don't do anything rash you'll be happy someday and this will all just be a bad memory

  • The best thing you can do for yourself is to speak with a therapist. It wasn't right for your step dad to touch you in any way, shape or form. It was right for your mom to hear you out, but wrong to side with your step father when confronted. It's a terrible situation. I don't think anyone can blame you for being hurt and angry. And even if it wasn't rape, molestation and any abuse can do it's fair share of damaging anyone's emotional health. First, being a little too friendly with boys maybe normal for your age but becoming overtly promiscuous can be a scream for attention. And you definitely, don't want to be harming anyone even if you are angry. I hear prison is not fun, and you have your entire life ahead of you. You made mention of having your step father apologize to you. The issue is, is that he didn't take responsibility when confronted by your mom and he's obviously really immature and sick to think it was remotely okay to do that to you in the first place. And that apology needs to be sincere and real in order for it to help heal you. He may not be capable of delivering. But I read somewhere, that it can be positive experience if the conversation is mediated by a professional. So maybe that could be something to consider later. If you're mom doesn't believe you, she should still know that something is not right and support you to get whatever help you need. But start with getting help, because you need to work out what your feeling. is a good organization. Sorry that this is happening to you.

  • That sounds like an awful way to have to live. Terrible he's still in that house.

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