Loved you scince 4th grade

I've loved you scince 4th grade when your sister pointed you out to me and told me you were just like me but of course scince we were best friends it wouldnt be right to like you plus i was too young. next year in 5th grade me and her were such best friends that she offered to take me to disney with you guys and spend the night so i did. when we got there my first question was hey wheres adrian? cheyenne kinda looked at me weird for a min and said still at 6th grade graduation and i said oh cool and we played with her dog for a while when he got home he litterally ran to her room cause he knew i was there he said hi ally how are you? i said oh hey adrian i'm great how bout you? he said oh i'm great but my gfbroke up with me last week and i said i'm really sorry he just smiled and walked away. about an hour later we were on our way to disney.adrian kept asking me questions and we played around a while then finally we got there and started walking to the park it was soooooo much fun!then at night when we were walking the park me and adrian held hands the whole night! we rode rides together and even shared a popcorn i had a great time. when we got home i went right to bed. when i woke up adrian was out mowing his neighbors lawn when he got back in i madeup a fake story that my bf just txted me and broke up with me and adrian told me to take a pic of me and him holding hands an send it to him so he would get jealous so i did and now it's my screen saver! all during sixth grade i would go to church just to see adrian and hang out with him me and chey were still friends and i saw her too! but then he got a gf and when i found out that night at church i went over and sat in a corner and he came right over to me and crouched down he looked right at meand said " do i have to kick someones butt?" then i did something i regret totally and sincerefully i said right back at him " what are you gonna do punch a mirror?" and walked this day i love him and always will and on their anniversery i sit down and cry for an hour or two then i cut myself even deeper he is the reason i cut myself not anyone or anything else only him.

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