Why prevent suicide?

Why are we trying to keep people from killing themselves? Seriously, isn't it a person's right to end his or her life if he or she chooses?
Maybe I'm just saying that because I get suicidal sometimes. Maybe it's because it p***** me off to no end when I read the confessions of suicidal people and see nothing but "DONT DO IT! OMG I'M HEAR FORE U." Ultimately, though, I think a big part of it is the fact that I really hate people who view life as sacred, or as something that belongs to whatever "God" they believe in.
Maybe some troll here can explain it to me: Why do we care that people want to kill themselves? Is there any reason other than "life is sacred," or "our lives belong to God?"

Jul 12, 2011

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  • *Don't,*here.*for,*you

  • Because suicide is caused by mental state not choice.

    It's really just a case where your mind is so stressed it can't tell good from bad, just wants confirmation and conclusion. It's like looking over a cliff.

    Your mind wants to experience what you expect. It's acting like a two year old. It's begging for the cliffhanger to be resolved.

    Your mind does not like questions or unfinished business.

    So you really want to off yourself or just watch someone else off themselves for a stupid biological process to move forward?

    Also life is precious because the whole universe everything just bounces off everything else aimlessly, yet life says no to that and rebels against it.

    Anyway, people get abused and sometimes the mind goes stupid especially with what people put in their bodies these days.

  • life is a gift .. we are able to end it but unable to give it back to them we took it from

    not even the government gives it back , when they admit they executed people wrongly , they only give a post humous pardon ...

    if someone is feeling bad today , they may feel better tomorrow , even if they dont , they create reasons for jobs , in clinics and hospitals to care for their sorry cans in case next week they wake up to themselves , these nutters actually are a great asset to the ecconomy so we keep them alive for the sake of MONEY

    if they do get better and feel like moving on with their lives , they can get jobs and contribute to the ecconomy again , and pay for the hospitals looking after the rest of the nutters with their tax dollars , so again they are kept alive for MONEY

    not god , not cos life is sacred , not cos anyone cares or gives a fig

    its about money , lives dont count , never really have .

  • U.N. world depopulation and Obama LOVE posts like these.

  • im depressed and i think of suicide, but i tell people not to do it.
    Because there really is alot to live for, most people want to take their lives before they even start-in a metaphoric term.
    When your depressed, and ultimatly suicidal, u see no point, you are not thinking rationally. You dont see passed the position you are in. Anybody can turn there lives around. So even when you have no job, no friends, no family, no one cares. You still have a life, and if anyone is possible of greatness, why not you?
    Your life is what you make of it, and I know i need to take my own advice, as I have been a victim far to many times to my own unstable mind. But i wont lie to myself. I want to fall in love, I want to b happy, get older, experience things. And in a sense, they are also the reasons i want to die. Never feeling good enough, or unloved. Or just scared.

    depressed people, we are so used to beating ourselves down, that a change would be scary. Lets face it, were good at making ourselves feel s*** as h***. And if we let it affect us to much, its probably the best thing we do.
    And maybe suicide is easier. And im not sure theres a h*** or a heaven, or any of that crap. I mostly believe in recarnation beyond anything else. And that makes you wonder, what is out there for your future?
    Nobody ever thinks of their own conciquences.
    Suicide is selfish, to everybody you know, or if you had lived, would know in the future.
    imagine if the person you are destined to love dies, or your child kills themselves. Imagine how it affects everyone else, everyones future. Ur opinions that change others, your choices that shape things.

    when you think about it, letting somone kill themself will not make the world better, because if everybody just gave up, what would be left of us?

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