I Always Fail With Women

I am in my late 40s and have had 3 failed marriages, some dating relationships, and slept with hundreds of women, of diverse marital statuses and races and of legal ages. I adore women but I have never hard long term success with any of them. My longest relationship was 8 years and produced 2 sweet daughters. S** here and there with another woman produced two sons within two years.
Friends have been telling me that I adore kids more than their mothers or women in general and they are so convinced that they are right. Co-workers have told me the same thing, especially since I work with kids at my job. I love my kids are treat them exceptionally well. I am good with client's kids.
I do treat women very well and receive good ratings; my kids’ mothers think I am the worst thing ever born while my children see me as the best dad ever!
The bottom line is, I meet and sleep with women whom am not in the same page with in life and things get sore after a while. I am disgusted that I had to fight very hard to get to gain custody of my now grown daughters or see and share custody of my younger kids. I now see most women as a ticking time bomb about to explode and cause me pain and all I want to do is have s** with them and leave them alone.
I have accumulated some sizable property in another country and I have no one there to look after it. I have sent well trusted people to find a decent woman for me to be in a long distance relationship with. The relationship is not even that important to me. I just want her to have two kids with me so that they can inherit whatever I have their and she can benefit and look after it in the meantime. In the local currency, the things I have are valued at millions and bank deposits are worth hundreds of thousands.
I am not at all perfect,am a very down to earth guy,balding with average looks and have 4 degrees,3 of them advanced.I have no luck with women but,I sure can't live without them.

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  • Your technical term is a worthless piece of s*** , you do not want a woman with a real brain , you only want one to f*** . If she is intelligent , mature and respectful she will leave your silly ass for a real man . You are probably in love with your own p**** and think women f*** you because your so good in bed . When they see their is no brain attached to the P**** they are quite ready to leave a worthless marriage . you give no reason for integrity , and no reason for any good woman to stay with you . You actually hate children because if you loved them you would understand how it is important to have a good father and mother whom love them . People like you bring murderers into the world and make the entire world miserable

  • Sorry but u sound like a future murderer hiding in a closet.Why so hateful?

  • F***'em...all women are weak whores anyways

  • Lol thats funny

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