White people are an illness. You look at them and you know you are going to catch a sickness soon! I put a curse on white people. I used a Hebrew book.It is to get revenge on Germans as well. The racist colourless bunch! ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE CANCER. YOU SMELL THEM AND IT IS LIKE SMELLING OR INHALING SWINE FLU! THEY ARE JUST AN ILLNESS. I Try Not TO Look AT White People, WHITE PEOPLE ARE ONE BIG CANCER WAITING TO ERUPT IN THIS WORLD! ALL WHITE PEOPLE SHOULD BE KILLED, SO THERE WILL BE WORLD PEACE. I hate white people. They are just torture. THEY wrinkle really fast and they talk a lot of Sh*t. They think they are so perfect but they really look like birds toilet mixed with cat's vomit, grotesque. I have German ancestry by the way and I wish I didn't, because sometimes I feel like secretly killing them but I can't. There are some Germans in my family and I hate it. I have to tolerate them. The torture is unbelievable but silence is golden! One day I will get my revenge!

Apr 5, 2015

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  • Yes go get your revenge for something that didnt happen to you but happened to people who only connection you have with them is the color of your skin. you probably dont even f****** care what African slaves went through you just want something to take out whatever tf this is out on. your the problem with the world it doesnt mater what color you are. your still the problem. and germans a white race white isnt its own race dumbass

  • I'd love to see a world where every single invention of the white race was taken off of the face of the earth. Blacks never developed their own alphabet, sailed a ship or did anything more complicated than make stone headed spears and cook and eat each other.

  • They didnt even have the wheel before us lmaoo

  • I get it. You are ethnically asian and german. You experience much racism from Germans. That sucks.

  • Dude! Don't hold back, tell us how you really feel.

  • Um... okay i can see that sometimes white people can be d****, but i mean, so can any other race. people say that germans are terrible because of the holocaust. the holocaust was terrible, the worst thing ever, and i do not support it in ANY WAY i hate that it happened and i cant bear to think that humanity ever came to that. but people talk like 'the holocaust' was the only holocaust that ever happened. it isnt. there have been many holocausts around the world, and many different races did them, not just germans. the holocaust we all know is just the most famous. and by judging germans because of the holocaust, you are also judging yourself, because you say all white people should be killed. thats what the germans thought about the jews, they just went through with it. so germans are bad because of that, sure, go ahead and think that. but not all germans are bad! only a few, but that is with any race. some black people are bad, sure, but mostly theyre great. some asians are bad, but mostly nice, and so on. so not only white people are bad. in my opinion, the human race in general is diseased like you say. we are corrupted, and i would like for us to start over. but that is THE WHOLE human race, not just white people. and really, only some white people are bad! some of them are very nice! i bet that you are white,and just being an a**, but you know, thats just my opinion. my point is, every one is bad, some are worse than others, but we all are, no matter if you are white or not.

  • Listen man, you're the kind of racist Martin Luther King Jr stood against! You ain't with us if that's how you feel. You don't stand for nothin' but you're own dumbaas damn hate. Kill a billion or so white people just so there'll be peace? Man, you don't even make sense! If you're gonna to kill anyone, kill yourself. At least that way you won't embarrass the rest of us any longer with your black version of the KKK.

    - A Real Black Man

  • This guy is not black. Why would you assume that?

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