You have done a number on me...

...You have done a number on me.

You left me for a 19 year-old FtM trans guy.

I'm 23. I have a career. I'm a fantastic athlete. I have an education. I'm f****** adorable. I gave you everything. I loved you unconditionally. I trusted you...

..until you gave me a reason not to.

And I had this gut feeling that something was going on. And our most trusted mutual friend felt uncomfortable with your relationship with him (her, whatever he or she is). But when I confronted you, I got the blame.

Don't you know how bad this looks on you? You were with him six days after you broke up with me.

You broke up with me over Facebook. You promised me that you'd never leave. You promised me you'd never hurt me.

Don't you remember that day in Centennial park, when you and I went to see your friends? We went to the bathroom, and on the walk back, you stopped me, and you looked me dead in the eyes, and you told me, "I'm IN love with you." You hadn't said that yet. And neither had I. I wasn't ready. You were cool with that. You said that you wanted to be with me "for a really, really, really, really long time."

Don't you remember the night we went out for your birthday? We went to Knoxville and back for my rugby game. You slept both ways in the car. I watched you sleep. You were always the most beautiful thing in the world when you slept. We went out that night. We had a blast. I was up for 23 hours.

Don't you remember the night you came back to my parent's house from your trip after my surgery? Remember texting me the whole way back? How you said you couldn't wait to kiss me. And remember how well you took care of me?

Don't you remember going to Atlanta? You and I were laying in the hotel room, and you looked up at me from my arms, and you asked if you could keep me for forever.

I remember.

I let myself trust you. I didn't want to. You convinced me it was okay to trust you. To love you. To give you everything. So I did.

And you took it all. Every piece of me, baby girl. You still have it.

So here is my confession:

No matter how hard I try, I cannot make myself believe that you're not coming back. As horrible as you've been to me, I'd still have you back in a g******** heartbeat.

I love you, Sierra, and like I said in the letter I wrote you five weeks ago, you're the one now, you'll be the one tomorrow, and you'll be the one for the rest of my life. I miss you so, so much. Come back to the one who loves you.


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  • Yeah. I'm a girl.

  • I dont think he's a guy .

  • Honestly, I feel sorry for you, and you got screwed, but it sounds like your the nice guy... And no women wants a needy person.

  • Let the man be. His pain is beautiful.

  • Let go, man. Your desperation is not attractive.

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