I want Him

I'm currently in a relationship with a really great guy. I know he's amazing and all my girlfriends tell me how lucky I am.
But I'm not attracted to him anymore. I don't know why my feelings changed. but I realized that he's too tall now. I fantasize about s** positions and they all require someone closer to my height...lol it seems like the most trivial thing but it is what it is.
Then I met another guy. I don't know him very well but the first night we spent time together, just at a bar, nothing hinky, was a ton of fun. He said so many sweet things to me and we just had a blast. It took a while for us to get together again but the second night was very similar to the first. Except this time he kissed me. And I kissed him back. Arg. I want him so much!
And I feel really silly.

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  • If you aren't interested in this other guy anymore then you need to get out of that relationship first before you start anything with anyone else. Its ok to lose interest because thats just means it was never meant to be but its not ok to be a cheater. Put on your big girl pants be a woman and handle your business.

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