HR Lady

I am a married man to a great lady for 4 years now and we are both in our late 20's. I work for a smaller company but business has been booming and the company managed to purchase another company in Ohio. My boss asked me to travel out and meet with people running the place so I stopped in to see our HR lady (Linda) who is mid to late 40's about travel expenses and whatnot. Linda informed me that she too was asked to travel out and asked if I wanted to just go at the same time. I agreed and we made our week long trip plan.

On the first day we arrived and meet with the plant managers, then had a nice dinner with them, then back to the hotel where Linda and I had separate rooms. On the next night Linda and I had dinner by ourselves. We found a nice Mexican restaurant where we were told the Margaritas are the best in town. I like a Margarita every once in a while so I ordered one and so did Linda. They were very strong and after the first one I was feeling really good. I know Linda was feeling good too because she had become more vocal and was talking like I had never heard before. After the first one I wanted to just go back to my room but Linda kept asking me to have another. I finally agreed and we ordered another drink. By the time we finished the second one I was more than ready to go to my room. Linda and I made our way out the restaurant and some how managed to get over to the hotel. As we were making our way down to our rooms Linda stopped me and proceeded to tell me how hot I was and wanted to know if I would come to her room. I declined and told her it was just the alcohol talked. I got her into her room and then made my way across the hall to my room. Once inside I sat on the bed and tried to remove my clothes when I hear a knock on the door. I get up and answer it only to find Linda standing there. She pushed me back into my room and over to the bed. I tried to stop her but she was very drunk (as was i) and very forceful. She pulled down my boxer shorts and grabbed my d***. She kept telling me she was not leaving until after she had my d*** inside her. Then she started to suck me and I kept telling her NO. It didn't take long for my d*** to got hard and before I knew what was happening Linda was on top of me sliding her p**** down on my d***. She f***** me to o***** and then I came inside her.

The next day I was angry with her for raping me and didn't talk much. She kept asking me what was wrong but I kept telling her nothing. Finally after we finished the day at the plant she asked to talk and wanted to know what was bothering me. Again I told her nothing. She asked if I was upset about her getting drunk off margaritas the night before. I told her no. She then asked me how we even got back to the hotel because the last thing she remembered was sitting in the restaurant still drinking. I kind of lost it at that point and asked her if she was serious? I asked her if she really didn't remember raping me. At first she acted all offended and said no way. I assured her she had. She then told me that she was drunk and didn't know what she was doing. She apologized and asked me to keep it to ourselves.

I'm not sure what to do. She did apologize repeatedly and kept telling me it was because she was drunk. But I was raped by the HR lady so it's not like I can even talk to HR about what happened. If I talk to my friends they will laugh at me and call me a woman for saying I was raped. I can't talk to my wife because she will be p***** off that I had s** with another woman and may even say I wanted it. Linda is sorry though and she was drunk so I'm not even sure I want anything to happen to her. I would probably feel differently if I was single but it's like I have cheated on my wife even though I didn't. I'm just not sure what to do and I'll probably just end up keeping my mouth shut.


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  • Young man! Who is this Linda you speak of and how can I meet her?

  • Only one thing to do I this case. ā€œIā€™m either going to need a raise, or a***ā€

  • Try to let go and leave it be. You start opening your mouth and the HR lady said you rape her and your lying. Your wife might leave you. Top it off a bunch of endless explaining. Now if you caught something from her. Then thats a new ballgame right there. Then you might have to spill the beans.

  • Perfect comment. You cheated on her. You were not raped. You were supposed to reject and send her back to her room. Anyway keep your mouth closed and do not repeat this.

  • Dude. I understand your frustration, but ignore I was in your position I would just let it go. It will get too complicated. Just forget about it.

  • If*

  • WAs she hot?

  • She is a little chubby and has big b****. She is not fat by no means. Just a little round.
    She is very firm though. Her b**** are so firm I thought they were fake. They are in fact real. That is how I convinced her that we really did have s**. I told her that her b**** are really firm. Almost like rocks and I asked her if they were fake.

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