I am 16 yrs old and i hav recently begun to wet the bed regularly again. i dont know what to do and i am emberased

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  • My son had the same problem when he was young. I got a thing called "wee alert" that consisted of 3 pads, a foil pad, a cloth pad, and a perforated foil pad. It had a wire with two clips that attached to the foil pads and a battery powered buzzer. When he wet the bed it would short the pads together and set off the loud buzzer. It only went off the first two nights, and he was cured.

    Get one of those products and try it. It should work for you.

  • Go pee *before* you finish yourself off for the night. It's easy to fall asleep and forget about it in the afterglow.

  • bedwetting should not be embarrasing, its a common thing with all ages from 5 year olds to teenagers and the elderly. The only reason people find it funny is because they have this preconcieved idea that people should stop wetting the bed by the age of 5. The only reason why you find this embarrasing is because you worry about what other people say. theres nothing wrong with it. its not hurting anyone is it, so why worry. I woould advise going to the doctor to see if there is nothing medically wrong with you. but mostly bedwetting is down to anxieties in day to day life.

    theres nothing to be afraid of and if people make fun of you then they are bullies, people that have insecurities in there own life they have to put other people down to make themselves feel better and no one likes bullies anyway

    Keep your chin up :)

  • My daughter wet the bed until she was 10, loved licking her pee covered p**** clean and sucking the crotch of her knickers to taste the mix of pee and little girl p****

  • my brother have the same problem, you can go see a doctor, they know what to do:)

  • Theres probably something thast had triggerd the bedwetting are you under sress? exams? boys? try to find the root cause and all will become clearer and it should stop. In the mean time invest in a plastic sthis sheet. or wear a pad at night. You wont do this forever promise.

  • When my wife drinks she s**** n the bed

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