Took My wife out for our anniversary

I surprised Irene by taking her to the place we had our first date for our anniversary. It’s a small bar almost 2 hours from where we now live. We had dinner on our first date then went to a comedy club. After the club we ended up at this small bar where we drank and laughed. This night we had dinner but skipped the comedy and went to the bar and found the same booth we sat in that night. There were only 9-12 people in the bar. There were about 10 guys and 2 women. This bar is a dive but most of the patrons were business folk.
For our anniversary Irene dressed in a black dress that came down to just below her knees. It was a sexy dress in that her shoulders were totally exposed because her hair was up. It was form fitting and made her look very sexy. (Pictured)

Irene had had 2 glasses of wine at dinner. When we sat at the table she ordered a third glass of wine. Three is usually her limit. She’s a light weight when it comes to alcohol. When the wine came it was getting to be about 9:00 so I reminded her to take her meds. If you have been keeping up with my stories you know that the Welbutrin she takes makes her very h**** and clouds her judgment which I was looking forward to. We talked and danced, usually a slow dance while every guy in the place admired her. I think it was a combination of the wine, the Welbutrin and the fact that it was a warm night and it was warm in the bar.
While slow dancing I noticed that she was getting unstable on her feet so I made her sit at the table because she was having trouble standing. Irene had her 5th glass of wine that evening as she excused herself to go to the lady’s room she hesitated and made me promise to dance a slow dance with her when she came back. She got up banging her hand on the table and by the sound of the impact I expected a reaction from her. There wasn’t any. I guess she literally wasn’t “feeling any pain”. I watched as she tried her best not to appear drunk by staggering which made me laugh. She really is adorable. She was gone about 10 minutes and I watched as she stopped by the bar to get another glass of wine and drank it down before heading back in my direction. She almost made it back to me but stopped short by 2 booths where three unsuspecting gentlemen sat enjoying their cocktails. She stopped at that table and grabbed the hand of the guy closest to her and announced “come on you promised that you would dance with me when I came back.” He looked at his associates, excused himself saying “I don’t want to disappoint her” and headed to the dance floor. As he followed her in tow he looked at me and I smiled at him and winked. He smiled back. As it happened there was a slow song starting. The gentlemen put his hand on her left hip and with his other hand took her right hand as she leaned into him resting her head on his shoulder. He then slid his right hand to the small of her back. Irene was more shuffling then dancing. I could tell that this poor unsuspecting guy was doing his best to hold her up. At one point she shifted so much that his reaction caused his hand to land solidly on her left butt cheek. Irene had no reaction to the move because as I said I don’t she was feeling much. He however panicked a little and looked at me. I smiled and said “that’s ok feel free”. He looked a little surprised. Then he looked at her and back at me and I said “she has no idea you’re not me so feel free to touch”. He gave me a big smile. His associates heard the exchange and looked at me then to him and laughed. Irene’s new friend now took the liberty to move his right hand directly on her butt. This caused Irene to snuggle her head deeper into his shoulder. He rubbed and squeezed her butt for a while and then tried to feel her breast. She was so close to him that he had trouble getting his hand on her t**. He finally succeeded and then tried to maneuver under her dress but because of her position and the cut of the dress was unsuccessful. He seemly gave up but I and his friends wanted to see more. I got up and walked behind them and said to him “you can do better than that.” I looked at the back of her dressed and noticed the zipper. I reached forward and unzipped the dress about 12” allowing the front to gap from her b******. Irene didn’t seem to notice and kept dancing.
By this point we had the attention of most of the people in the bar so any song selection from the juke box all seemed to be slow songs. When I returned to my booth he managed to free her left bra covered breast and was kneading it. He was in heaven. For the next 10-15 minutes he took turns between her lace bra covered breast and her covered ass. I was hoping that he would take the initiative to unzip the dress some more but he didn’t. I got a little frustrated and once again returned to the dance floor. As I walked toward them a cheer from the bar went up and I head guys yelling “show us more”. I couldn’t disappoint so I walked up behind Irene, looked at her new friend and said “let me help a little”.
I reach out to Irene’s back and finished unzipping her dress all the way down until it came all the way open in the back exposing her matching black lace bra and her lace bikini cut panties. I had no problem seeing her round bubble butt and the crack of her ass. I looked at her friend again and said “there you go”. He felt the dress come away from her back and gently pushed her far enough away from him causing the dress to fall to the floor. As it did I bent down to pick it up and as I stood up he was just finishing unclasping her bra in the back. Once again he stepped back a bit but this time he pulled it off her b****** and handed it to me. Now all my sweet wife was wearing was her black lace panties and her heels. A chant of “go, go go” came up from the bar. I didn’t want the chant to get her attention so I turned toward them and motioned with my hands to keep it down which they did. I turned to head back for the booth and they began to boo me. I stopped and looked back to see Irene still wearing her panties. I walked back and laid her cloths on the dance floor, knelt down behind her and grabbed the waist band in either hip and slowly pulled them down over her sweet bubble butt, down her thighs to her heels. It took me a minute to get them off her completely but as I succeeded I leaned forward and gently kissed her butt which elicited a moan from Irene, picked up her clothes and headed back to my booth.
My beautiful wife was now completely naked except her heels. Her new friend had now found her shaved sweet p**** and was playing with her c***. I could see that she was very h**** because she opened her legs a bit to give him better access. He then slipped his fingers in her wet p**** and began pumping her wetness. She began to writhe and digging her head into his shoulder and moaning louder and louder and I watched as he brought her to o***** as I and the rest of the bar watched her at her most intimate moment. Her butt tightened and her legs buckled as she came. He held her tight so she wouldn’t fall. It took her a few minutes to recover. Once she was recovered one of his associates walked up and tapped him on the shoulder and said “may I cut in?” They both looked at me and I smiled and said “sure”. Over the next 2 hours each guy in the bar had a chance to dance with her. They all felt and fingered her. She has 3-4 o****** while they fingered her. At one point while she was being fingered another guy knelt behind her, spread open her ass cheeks and tongued her a******. This assisted in bringing her to a monster o*****. It was so powerful and so loud that I earned a cheer from the guys in the bar. I watched as her wetness dripped down her inner thighs to her knees. Once I was sure that all the guys had had their turn I danced one last dance with her took her hand, gathered up our things and walked her out of the bar to our car completely naked passing an unsuspecting couple on their way into the bar. I drove her home naked and even walked her to our front door naked. I took her to our bed and f***** her soaked p**** until I came. It was a great evening. The next morning Irene and I talked about the evening but she couldn’t remember anything after we got to the bar. She had way too much to drink although she does love being seen naked.

Feb 11, 2021

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  • My wife and I were in a club in Portland, another couple came in and it was clear she was very drunk, or pills, hard to tell. He took her out on the dance floor and was feeling her up, obvious about it. Soon he had her top loose somehow, got it slipped down below her bra, a shelf type so her b**** were sort of sitting on it. No reaction from the woman, at one point he slid his hands up her legs and removed her panties, still nothing. Later she sort of staggered to the women's room so my wife went in to check on her.
    She was passed out, so she called 911, in the shuffle the guy vanished. Turns out the woman was drugged, and had no idea who the guy was.

  • Good story

  • When I have about three glasses of wine, I am loose and ready to have s** with any man who wants me. My husband knows that and gets me feeling in the mood every time we go to a club. I usually wind up dry humping some man and take him home with us. My husband loves it an so do I.

  • You’re a good wife. Hit me up?

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