I just decided last night that I was going to kill myself this weekend. Today someone jumped off a dormitory building at my college, and all I can think about is that now my suicide won't have as big of an impact as I wanted.

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  • Oh, you would have still made a big impact. Just make sure you jump from a high enough floor.

    What's the matter, sad because I'm laughing at your piteous need for attention? Deal with it. Maybe, I dunno, kill yourself. Soppy little waste of skin.

  • My friend try sucide was saved n hospital during time unconciese had terrible nighumare of being n awful place big snakes bats fire people crying screaming since then she go to church each day

  • If u kill urself u will be n h*** 4 all eternity think about it no escape n the lake of fire 4 ever

  • That is true. You will only look like a copycat. Besides that, whether or not your suicide makes a "big impact" won't matter because you won't be around to witness the aftermath of your death.

    Anyway, why don't you just stick around and see what life has to offer? Trust me, whatever circumstances are motivating you to want to kill yourself now will seem trivial in the future.

    The sun will shine again, and you are loved more than you know.

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