I have this huge thing for a girl renting a flat from me. Well, wouldn't call it a thing as in feelings, this is probably just complete and utter l***, in a big way. It's not the normal everyday "that woman is hot I want to bang her" kind of feeling us guys get. This is that once-in-a-lifetime trophy girl. Well, it won't go down all that well with her fiancée that stays with her or my wife if should act on this feeling :( But that's not the reason for this post ...

So yesterday I see her going pass and just, damn woman I will do just about anything to be with you ... which got me thinking, if ever given such an option, would any of you ladies act on it? And what will your demand be? Doesn't have to be a sexual act (but some insight into some dark fetishes would of course also be welcome), it can be anything, remaining realistic of course, no fairy princess castles and endless shopping sprees, millions of dollars etc.

Nov 21, 2011

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