Im thinking about running away..

What should I prepare for?


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  • what the poster said below, but maybe not so melodramatic. have a plan on how to pay for things, because you don't want to be forced to turn tricks for money. unless that's what you want to do. and if you do and you're a chick, try to join an 'agency' that could showcase your 'talents'. if you can get out to it, go to the bunny ranch. you could live there for a while and meet some pretty cool people while having great s** and getting paid for it too! if you're a dude, well, it's not so easy, but i'm sure you could start somewhere in some kind of manual labor job.

    most of all, be confident in yourself that nothing is too great a challenge if you have the intestinal fortitude to make it through to the next day when the s*** hits the fan. trust me, you'll have days like that, but just keep your head up and you'll be fine...

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