Im not over you

At night i lie awake and miss you
because lets be honest i want nothing more than to kiss you
ive liked you for three years now
when i see you with other girls it hurts me a lot ow
i thought you forgot about us
but maybe thats cuz you just like to cuss
but last week you said you remember
can we go back to that perfect november
i miss your smile
it outshines kyle
your laughter is contagious
and you never make a fuss
so why cant we just be together
it wouldnt matter to her
i know shes your sister
but other boys can go kiss her
how can we go from what we had
to barely talking yea its bad
i miss you more than you think
come ice skating with me in that ice cold rink
i love you a lot
i promise wed never get caught
so why dont you love me
thats all there is dont you see

Dec 29, 2011

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