I hate feeling so numb

Honestly, I'd be fine if somebody killed me right now. Everything around me has just turned to s***. I just got thrown against a wall by my dad. My mom noticed that I smell of weed and assumed the worst. Really, it's because I had to wear a costume that someone who smokes weed wore at work. The lighter in my bag is for lighting candles. What you thought was a condom was an alkaseltzer tablet for f***'s sake. To make matters worse everything outside the house is crashing around me. I don't wantnto leave my room. H*** I havent even eaten today. Only two more years of this h*** until I'm free.



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  • It'll all work out. I went through the same h*** when I was younger Hun. It sucks but it's so much better after, trust me.

  • everything wiill be alright

  • Oh baby, do not worry so much, everything will be all right; please take care of you. I feel for you.

  • Ride it out

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