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My step-dad's a cop, and out of anger hits me and pins me against a wall from time to time. I can't take him to court because the law says physical punishment is aloud as long as no marks are left. For years he's been able to do it without leaving a single bruise. Last week when he threw me against my door he hit the side of my arm against it really hard. When he realized how hard it was and that it might leave some evidence he left me alone. Really when he left I kept hitting that spot to make the bruise bigger. Now my arm is black and blue and he thinks it's completely his fault. He's trying to win me over now begging me not to tell anyone.

My boss knows my family can be emotionally abusive and has seen them call me names and mock me. When he saw the marks he said if I ever needed anything that he could get me the propper help from child services. All my managers and two of my friends who I work with also said the same. I just said that I fell, but they assume it's something else. My mom knows about it, and thinks it's from him, but isn't acknowledging it because she also hit me that day and actually did leave a small bruise on the other arm. They've both tried to convince me to cover them up with makeup but they're so dark it still shows through clearly.

I know how horrible and rotten of me it was to do this to them, but I need a way to make the abuse stop. It's not a complete lie though, I guess just more of an exageration. As much as I hate to admit it I kinda like my parents actually treating me good for once. Maybe after I turn 18 I'll tell them.


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  • Imagine that, a cop being as big of a douchebag at home as he is on the job! What a surprise.

    That's hilarious, how he went so quickly from bullying to pleading the moment there was visible evidence. Now you know how bullies operate and what their lever is: the second the power shifts away from them, they cower and whimper so piteously. It's a good time to get pictures and recordings!

    Hope you did the rational world a solid and put this gutless badge-wearing c*** in gen pop where he belongs.

  • It is sad to be abused by both parents it needs to stop.Go to those persons who are willing to help.No one deserves to be abused,not even you.Go get help.

  • I work for Social Services and the problem is, things will get progressively worst and worst. Speak to Childline and take picture of the bruises and hide them on your pc. Get in touch with the police and if you don't want to persue to at least it is on record. Ask friends or your boss to go with you.
    You don't deserve this abuse
    Go get help PLEASE

  • Did you not read the part where the abuser IS a cop? They won't persecute one of their own, and any records generated will probably get "lost." Anyone who's been in Social Services for longer than about a day knows that.

  • You need to report this to the authorities as soon as you can. This will not stop and what they're doing to you is illegal. They will likely receive a warning and be put on file. I doubt they will touch you again after you make this official. Be brave, you could be helping someone else by taking action.

  • do what you need to to help evidence wise.

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