Hit my wife and I regret it

I hit my wife after she threw my iPhone on my head on purpose during a heated argument, I have a bruise on my forehead...

She always starts it she will hit me first and I will grab her hands then she says I hit her because I restrained her ...

I really hate what I do but am I in the wrong to restrain her from hitting me ?

I love her so much ...

We are having marital problems as we have 3 young children and are still living with my parents as the council don’t give us a house..

I’m not rich I work in retail it’s not enough to go private ... what should I do ?

Help me I love her

Oct 20, 2017

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  • She and perhaps you need to get into an anger management course. Or counseling.

  • She obviously does not love you or she would not try to hit you. Hit her with divorce papers. Find a better person to live with.

  • ........sometimes........................a b**** just need a beating......

  • I'm really so very sorry that you're having such difficulty: marital friction can be so painful and leave emotional scars that last and last. First, restraining someone is not the same as striking them: it's an act of self-defense, unless it's unprovoked. The situation you describe is not offense, and so it's not "hitting". But you and your wife need more than definitions and descriptions: you need counseling. Once upon a time, I was averse to recommending therapy, of even a casual variety, because I thought it was for "weak" people who couldn't deal with their own troubles. I was wrong. Actually, I could not have been more wrong. And you and your wife would benefit from it, if you enter the process with the ideas in mind that (a) you want to save your relationship, (b) you believe the relationship can (and should) be saved, and (c) you are willing to work to accomplish that result. One or both of you may be like I was years ago, stridently opposed to the idea and benefits of counseling, but please give it a try. Even if she won't go, you should go on your own. Get some recommendations from friends about what counselors are good, or if you attend a church, they will likely have a list of effective (and available) therapists, or speak to a social worker about the possibilities for selecting an outsider to listen and advise. But don't let this sit unattended. Why? Because the current situation is either going to gradually grow worse, perhaps becoming irreversible, or it will become your new "normal". Neither of those outcomes is acceptable, so please try therapy, and try to convince your wife to join you. I'll pray for you and your family, asking God to give you strength and guidance and peace. Be well.

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