I am embarrassed about my life. I have a tiny d***, no girlfriend,a crummy life at home, i weigh 200+pounds, and i know every thing about the zelda games,including the complete history of hyrule and termina.

the one time i had came close to asking out my best friend callie,i was distracted by my dad(i was working for him that day).she didn't even have a boyfriend then, so i think i would have had a good chance.i think she may have stolen my nintendo.d.s., yet i still like her.My sister cant shut up fer 2 minutes,and is always calling me names.My chores include having to feed chickens in muddy pens and hauling wood 25 feet to my house.I've tried every thing,but i can't lose weight.people used to shunn me for loving zelda games(wich is why i only had 3 friends until 6th grade)so im worried about it slipping out.so basically , one of my best friends is disliked by my sister and mother,i cant lose weight,i have quite a lot of friends and aquaintinces but i still sometimes think about ending my time on earth and a few other people's.my life totally sucks.

And i don't like most of the human race.There,I said it. That shold explain alot.

p.s. I'm 13 and my d**** only about 3 inches long.know how to make it longer?

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  • you have to do CHORES ?? WTF DUDE ??

    get a life your folks hsould look after you , not you carry your weight .. so to speak , you got a truckload of weight to carry there too , be proud

    give up zelda , take up rift or worl d of warcraft

    dont worry about girlfirends , whores are less problem , your allowance should get you laid

    with creative thining you can get your hwhore to do you inthe chicken pen , so you can roll around in the mud like the pig you are and enjoy your lack of life and self esteem

  • Whores are stupid. Ya kno why there are so many?

  • Thanks for the info. ill try it.

  • Take it easy on yourself, bro. You are very young. Yes, you can lose weight. You mentioned that several times in your posting so I guess that's the root of your dark feelings. Work on it. Don't worry too much about your d***. If you look at p*** you will always feel less, no matter what size your d*** is.

    Lose weight and become an expert on foreplay. You need to focus on her more than on yourself. Most girls enjoy getting oral s**. Don't be shy to do kinky stuff while you're at it. Lick her butt hole, finger her p**** and focus on her G-spot while you do it. If you invest time on getting them super wet before you go for the kill, I promise you they won't care about anything else. My d*** is not big either, but I've had several girls tell me that had never enjoy s** like they do with me. Oh, they love hearing stuff too. Talk to them while you have s**. Go from the super romantic to the nasty.

    Think positive. You'll be fine.

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