I Think Snooki Of Jersey Shore Will Make A Wonderful Mother

When they read online that Snooki of Jersey Shore was pregnant, my friends said she'd never make a good mother. They said she'd keep partying and be a terrible mom.

I didn't dare tell them I think Snooki will stop her partying ways and settle down with a child and be a great mother. If I told my friends that they'd think I was out of my mind, but people change and in my heart of hearts, I know Snooki will. She will become a soccor mom and bake cookies and change diapers and never party again. Mark my words on this. I know it will happen. And if you think Snooki will be a bad mom, or worse is a tramp, like some of my friends said, then you are a misinformed j***!

Mar 1, 2012

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  • I feel bad for anyone who calls snooki their mom. The writier of these article along with other fans of jersey shore simply can't under stand how stupid their idols are. Snooki has said they shes still gunna party, while her nanny does all the diaper changes and all the other nasty stuff. Yes, promising mother here....

  • Snooki will be a horrible f****** mom....are you all serious.... they are all f****** retards on the show..... god.... you all must be simple minded trailer trash tards.

  • She will make a wonderful mother. A baby will make her settle down and give up her partying ways. Mark my words.

  • Yeahp... I will win the lottery. Snooki and I have the same odds on our sides. Hahaha

  • Duh. The morons who post here are too clueless to know who you are talking about.

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