My Life! Lonely

I was thinking maybe I should give this a go, maybe I MIGHT FEEL BETTER. I was raised Christian SDA and well I'm not like that anymore. I have not come out to my parents yet (the equivalent of being gay) who are fiercly religious. I do however, believe in Jesus Christ and try my best to practive Christianity in my heart (being goog to others, turning the other cheek, giving to the homeless, praying for people). I try to put God first in my life but its sometime hard not to complain.

I really need to catch a break. I believe in God but My wife who isn't a christian doesn't. I get lonesome sometimes because well, I don't go to church, and have to do all this praying and spiritual communicating all by myself. She is a good woman, but she is currently searching for a job, or a career. She hasn't really held on to one and so I carry the burden of the household for a bit - rent etc. All my money is sucked up on a monthly basis. I make near to minimum wage, but i try to be greatful. It is very hard though.

I don't have enough money for college. I don't like working for people and I don't like my current workplace. I started my own business and this is also another burden, as it is a very hard startup and I don't have much money. I am always just fighting with money, fighting with finances, and I just don't want to worry about it. I work as a at nights and do the business in the day time. I am young 22, black and a immigrant to North America where I have no friends. I know that my problems are not the biggest in the world, but sometimes, I just really feel like crying!

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    Give the Qur'an a go!

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