I was dumb enough to ask Noamie to deliver my note to Faith

I am a 13 year old male in 8th grade. I asked my friend Noamie to deliver a note to Faith, in which I asked her out. Noamie probably read it first, meaning that I may or may not have an honest answer.

Faith, I love you. Your sister, Noamie, is nice, but we're about the same age. You remind me so much of Callie it is unbelievable. Callie was my best friend for a while, as we were quite similiar. If I see you now, We almost avoid each other out of akwardnes. Now, I've ruined our relationship as friends, so listen up:

Dead lungs command it!

You pour your life down
The Rifle's Spiral.

And show us you've earned it

Cleric's fog will recede right before your eyes.

So long to this wretched form.

Them gray eyes, on the subway!

Long before you were born,
You were always,
To be a dagger,
floating straight to their heart.

Listen now, we won't tell anyone,

But you're gonna tell the world.

So life ain't then any fun?

Let your viscera unfurl!

As you rise, rise from your burning fiat,

Go, go get my suitcase, would you?

You've thoroughly blown their minds,

And now i must

Have passage on the lines

To the veins from your heart.

You're not invisible now.

You just don't exist.

Your mother must be so proud!

You sublimate yourself, granting us a wish.

Primitive mirror on the wall,

To fortify your grim resolve.

You made the glitz
of a shopping mall

another grain of indigent salt

for the sea.

Good night to these wretched forms!

All them gray eyes on the subway!

So long before you were born

You were always

To be a dagger floating

Straight to their heart.

This song reminds me of you. You and your kindness.

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  • my bad you made naomie carry the note to her sister and crushed her heart you still made a sweet young lady carry your note to her sister cause your too chicken... just bad...

  • It's not that i was too chicken, we just didn't see each other that much. So I figured, hey, why the h*** not. Also, in all fairness for both of 'em, Faith said Noamie talked about me at home often. Hmmm...

  • i want to ask was that a suicide note or a spell if a note please don't do it if a spell what was it supposed to do... also you probably crushed faith's heart by making her carry your infatuation note to her sister... anyway's if you feel the need to tell me what you're thinking about what i've said let me know

  • Never mind you can.

  • And It CERTAINLY wasn't a spell. You can't send spells through notes.

  • Uhh, I had Noamie carry the Note to Faith. And furthermore, Noamie wouldn't and didn't mind that I did that.

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