Should have stayed home with netflix

I have been divorced for a couple years and have been back in the dating scene for about a year now, I have been on a few dates and have a couple of prospective men in my life but after last night the front runner has been removed from the list.
We had made plans to go out which would be date number 4 and I had decided that maybe it was time to take a next step in our relationship, I got ready and put on my sexiest underwear, Wore a nice low cut dress and got all "Dolled up", We went for supper then a movie then a few drinks and ended up back at my place, My kids were at their sperm donors and we had the place to ourselves. We made out and groped each other a bit then headed to the bedroom, I had set up a lamp with a red scarf over it (I know, Corny) and we were really getting going, He was super into it and I was definitely enjoying myself but when I pulled hi pants down I was more than disappointed.
Not trying to be rude but he is small, Sadly that is all my ex had over on this guy but my ex was quite well endowed and obviously I have been looking for something similar but with a man who isn't a total a******. Anyway I was actually surprised at how small he was but I did really like him and I was maybe a bit beyond stopping so I decided that I could make it work and who knows, Maybe he knows how to use it to make up for the...Deficiencies but sadly he does not.
I have always been way more into circumsized guys than not, I was only with one who wasn't and it grossed me out, In my younger years I had actually turned guys down just knowing they were not and suddenly here I am faced with a guy who has a small, Uncircumsized p****, When I say small I don't mean not big, I mean small, Skinny, Not very long and a gross foreskin. As soon as I seen that I immediately suggested we get in the shower, He looked at me and said "Hmmm, Ok" which gave me a chance to make sure it was clean and pull the foreskin back so it got all rinsed off.
When I was sure it was all good then I made up an excuse about not being comfortable in the shower as he felt me up and tried to rub his p**** on whatever part of me that he could, We dried off and got back into bed and then I started with some oral but not long into it he flipped me over and he started. I really am not being mean but he is not great at any of it, He got on top and slid it in, It was really less than mind blowing but I was really trying to work with him, I got on top and that didn't do much so I thought maybe from behind would be the ticket.
It wasn't, I laid face down and he kissed my legs and butt then fingered me which was the best part of it, I stuck my butt up and he licked it and I was actually starting to get into it, He pushed my butt down and straddled me from behind rubbing his tip on me, I was wet and ready and hoping this was really going to change things but he shoved it in and I tensed up gasping and clutching my pillow as he whispered in my ear "Yeah baby, You like that?", I shook my head no and he whispered "You want it all ?", Again I shook my head no, I wanted to scream at him to stop but he was going fast and I couldn't get the words out until he shoved his whole d*** in me and said "Mmm you're tight" and I said "that's because you are in my ass", He looked down and whispered "Oh my god" and grabbed my ass with both hands pumping three or four more times before he came, He laid there on top of me twitching and I said "Did you just come in my ass?" and he didn't say anything but just nodded his head.
I rolled over and pushed him off me then headed straight for the shower, He came in a few minutes after and stepped in with his tiny little wiener and its foreskin hanging off the end looking like an ant eaters snout and started rubbing up against me and whatever, I pushed him back and said "Gross, Scrub that f****** thing before you rub it on me", I got out of the shower and left him there to clean himself and when he got out he asked what was wrong, I looked at him and said "Really...On our first night together you came in my ass". We had a bit of a fight and I may have said something about his size and he made a comment something about maybe my ass was worn out.
I just stopped, Looked at him and said "Um...For your information that has never happened and I don't think this is gonna work", He tried to apologize and suck up but I asked him to leave and showed him the door.
Well if nothing else my friends got a good laugh out of it when I told them.

Aug 21, 2018

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  • I feel your pain. It sucks to be picky. He doesn't seem like that great of a lover, anyway. Maybe he put it in your ass because he knows how small he is. So he was trying to make up for it. But a*** s** is terrible. You don't just shove up someone's ass. That can be extremely painful. Most people don't know how to have a*** s**. It can take hours of preperation, and having your mouth on the ass, tongue inside of it for over an hour, before it is ready for something like that. Even then, that's not all there is to it. He should take it up the ass and learn something.

  • I can tell that the OP and 43yr old hag below (both of whom are disgusting) are American.

    In Europe,circumcised is the odd one out ,uncut is the norm.

    My husband is uncut,and has the most beautiful p****. My previous have all been uncut,bar one drunken bj when drunk at uni,and it just looked weird!!!!

    Yes he had a small d***,yes he was inexperienced,but don't go blaming the fact that he is WHOLE and as NATURE INTENDED!!!!

    Shall we cut off your l****? That's unwanted skin after all,may keep you cleaner down there. No? Exactly.

    So to all you men out there who are uncut,Never be ashamed! Its normal,its sexy ,and if a woman tries to give you grief,comment on her dangling lips and walk away!! Xxx

  • You sound like a horrible b_itch

  • I also am single later in life (43) and have had similar experiences, It is sad how there are so many men out there that have no clue hence why they are probably available.
    I feel the same about "Uncut" penises and have literally refused guys when I found that out.

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