Perfect Wife Leave Something to be Desired

My wife is perfect in every way, except one: she is selfish sexually.

She had boyfriends before we met, but they always ended up cheating on her. Now I understand why. She has very good potential for pleasing me sexually, but seems completely unwilling to do so.

We have a son together, and a child on the way. I have been straight forward with her about my dissatisfaction, but I fear she cannot understand.

When we make love (which is not as often as I'd like) I always please her maximally. That is to say, I give her multiple climaxes.

I confess that I dream of a woman who shares my sexual appetite and skill. I feel frustrated, trapped, and misused.

I don't know how to end this torment without shattering the life we've made together, and the lives we're ushering in.

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