Finally worked out how to be rid of my mistress

I have finally managed to shake off the addiction of my part-time mistress - she had captivated me with her willingness to go way beyond the things my wife would do. Often I tried to put an end to it, but every time, after a few months, she'd send me pics or hot texts, and I'd give in again.

So finally I discovered something that has made me lose all desire for her, and I haven't been in touch with her in months - nor do I feel any longing at all for her.

The solution I discovered is... a better mistress - kinder, gentler, smarter, slimmer, more beautiful, richer, and willing to do anything at all sexually. I'm in love!

Jul 16, 2012

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  • Jeez I came here for serious help. Lol

  • Can you give me your old mistresses number? I'm looking for one. :)

  • Let me give you some advice as a man who was a serial cheater. I cheated on my wife for many years and had a few mistresses. You're problem is, you're not happy in your marriage and you haven't found the right person. You need to find the right person and leave your wife. It isn't fair on ANYONE, doing what you're doing. You're lying to yourself that is isn't affecting you inside, because the more you do this, the more dead you become.

    I finally found the right person and you know what I don't cheat, I don't want to cheat. I don't look at other women in any other way than as friends. I'm a better person, morally and ethically; I'm deeply and utterly in love and that is being rewarded with a woman who fulfills me completely.

    You need to find that; you need to leave your wife, right now and you need to find the one.

    You NEED to stop for your mistress's, wife's and your sake to stop this.

  • I disagree. Maybe this was the case for you. If so, more power to you for finding your happy balanced center. For me and many other men, cheating isn't about love, or finding the right one, or anything like that. For me cheating is just about s**. S** is recreational. Love and s** are not even closely related. My wife doesn't feel the same way about s**, but she and I do love each other. I never fall in love with my affairs and the moment she even hints that it is more than just s**, I make it clear that it was just s** for me. I tell her it's time to go our separate ways. There is no argument against it. If it was just s**, she'll be ok with that. If it was more than s**, trying to keep it going is proof that. So the only thing she can do to prove that it was just s** is to stop sleeping with me. I'm fine with that. Affairs aren't hard to start.

  • And how many of your OTHER women have told your wife?? I am a mistress and my cheat would never treat me like that. If he did id go straight to his wife. I went into this relationship with eyes wide open. I LAY THE GROUND RULES. As the other woman I see that as my right. He helps around my home. Sends me gifts. He treats me with the up most respect.. AND WE DEEPLY LOVE EACH OTHER. YOu my friend should have your "cake" thrown in your face and forced to eat the s*** that you are.

  • Utmost. Not up most.

  • You are my hero!

  • you Sir, are beyond words. If you're not happy in your marriage - fix it! Go to therapy or something, don't start seeing other women. The lack of respect you have for the woman you chose to spend the rest of your life with astounds me. How would you feel if she cheated on you?

  • To answer your question, I would feel 100% ok with it. I don't feel s** is a condition of love or vice versa

  • you sir are a genious.

  • I totally totally agree with this comment! You really ARE a genius!!

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