Married ex girlfriend and I consistently stay in touch

We were never together steady, just on and off. We ended up with two awesome sons, now 9 and 10.She ended up being married to someone else and has a son, about 3 years old. We talk and text, on a regular basis. I have even gone out with her to eat.
We had an acrimonious relationship so I went to court and sought joint custody and got it. She has primary custody. That was right before she got married. We ended up getting along great. I can go to their house and eat, I attend birthday parties at her house or at venues, etc. Right now her whole family is on vacation in another country. She has taken the 3 kids to see my family twice in the last 2 weeks, without her hubby.
She never has been to my apt for years. She can come to parking lot but does not get in, partly due to the fact that I have a girlfriend who has been living with me, and has no issues with my kind of relationship with son's mom. I haven't had s** with ex-gf since around 2013.I am kool with her hubby, we talk and have no issues. But I always wonder what he is thinking. Its so weird but I love it. I can pick-up and drop off kids any time. I spent so much money on this custody, that I can't believe how well we get along given the circumstances. Makes me have a Happy Thanksgiving, while wishing you the same.

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  • This was such a heartwarming and positive tale, but what undermined its credibility was it's timing and closing sentiment, which suggests the tale was manufactured for the express purpose of peddling a positive message at Thanksgiving, rather than just for its own sake.

    Nonetheless the moral of the tale is: if you and your x have kids together, don't p*** off your x, if you want a happy life and happy thanksgiving.

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