I am tired

I've been dealing with mental health problems for many years, ever since I was 12. I've fought for so long to live and try to have a functional normal life, but it's just been so long. When people find out about my problems they say things like
"I'm so sorry" or
"Are you ok?" I just look at them and say the expected things
"I'm fine" "don't be sorry" but inside I just want them to shut up. I've been angry at myself, I've been horrifically sad, I've been confused, but most of all right now, I'm tired.

I'm tired of people that know looking at me with worried glances when they think I can't see them. I'm tired of waking up in a place where I don't remember going to sleep. I'm tired of feeling like s*** every f****** day of the god-damn week. I'm tired of the endless changing of medications and such-like to try and find one that will work. I'm tired of life. I just wish that I could go to sleep for a few nights without waking up at 2 am screaming.

I'm tired, I wish it would end.

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  • How would you prefer people to respond to your situation?

  • I just wish that I could be treated like a normal person by my friends, it hurts when I overhear them talking about me without my knowledge. I just wish that they could say things to my face

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