I cant figure it out...

The first man I was with is a piece of s*** and he dose not count as a human being. He was three years older then me I was 15 to his 18 and I had never been with anyone before he was the complete opposite. We dated for abut three months then we had s** for the first time and it hurt so much and afterwards I felt do disgusted with myself but I didn't want him to know so I just smiled and went along with our day. A month later we found out I was pregnant ,I wanted to find the baby a good home but he was so happy so we decided to keep the baby. After another month he still didn't have a job and whenever I would ask him about it he would get violent with me. After our baby was born I found out that he was using drugs so I left him and told him to stay away from me and my baby...this led to him attacking me and raping me saying that only he can have me. I was driving by fear to take him back. We were tighter for about 6months off and on, he kept being physically and mentally abusive, not to mention he still didn't have a job and wasn't helping with the baby at all...
This man and myself haven't been together in almost a year now but I constantly find myself thinking about him sexually, is it simply because I am confertable with him or is it that I really miss having s** or is it that I miss him???


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  • U seriously need to get him out of your mind. The man is a criminal and he should die. S**** him, you could find a better man than him, you just need to get him out of your mind. Don't focus on him, focus on your kid and his/her future. Afterall, he IS your responsibility now and for his sake, don't get back together with a drug addict. Try to live a normal life. Just be open to new relationships, I just know you'll be able to find someone. Just be strong.

  • Not my fault you are a sensitive p**** full of sand. Move on in life if something like a comment honestly bothers you. How sad

  • Wow, be more of a c***! This person has decent, solid advice. But that's how c**** little GIRLS are, if you don't kiss their insecure little butts they flip out on you. Every single time. Too bad cuntiness doesn't cause sterility. Can I call you a c.unt one more time, OP c.unt? C.unt. (Yeah, I did it twice, come at me. lol)

  • Feel better now "D***"?

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