Stupid Thing About Recent Break-up

So I'm doing this one to confess about my recent break-up with a girl. Now, I'm the kind of guy who basically has girls following him around in droves and doesn't even notice (I have been told this by my friends) but even if I did notice when they did, I don't like taking advantage of women AT ALL.

So basically, I'm kind of Philophobic (fear of falling; Fear of falling in love) in both senses of the word. Thus, I don't necessarily get very close to people of the opposite gender.

Now, that's not to say I'm unaffectionate. If I really like a girl (which I did on this one) I will be semi-affectionate to her. I hugged her, let her lay on my shoulder, held her hand, gave her my sweatshirt any time she asked, all that good stuff.

At fifteen, I have never had my first kiss, nor have I ever said to a girl 'I love you' since I have a strict policy against that. Apparently, she was okay with all of this.

So, when school ended, she started becoming distant to me. I'd ask her if she wanted to go to movies, picnics, etc. (all that datey stuff) and all she did was blow me off.

She KNEW her parents hated me (for some reason) yet always said the only place we could hang out was her place. She was the one to ask me out, and we had been going out for at least six moths by this point.

I then went on vacation (and this is where it gets f***** up) to the same place we did last year. A buch of our family gets together, at least 20 people, and we go to the outer banks for a week.

Last time we were there, the day we got home, my sister's boyfriend broke up with her (He is soooo lucky I have been moved to another state) so we joked about 'the curse' and presumed that if we brought back gifts for our current boyfriend/girlfriend that they would immediately break up with us.

I got her a couple of gifts and when we get home, low and behold, I get the breakup text message. I have never cried over a breakup on the philosophy that it wasn't meant to be, but the stupid part is (and I'm pretty sure on this one) that the girl is probably the one crying here. Which makes absolutely no sense, but that's alright.

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  • I go to the outer banks with my family too!

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