Worst Possible Situation

It is bad enough to get caught in the act of having s** by your mom, but even worse happened to me.

I am fourteen, and my boyfriend that my mom didn't know about is nineteen. We were in our bathroom fooling around one day and Mom came home unexpectedly. I didn't hear her come in the house.

When she opened the bathroom door, I was in the tub, naked on all fours, and my boyfriend was naked, standing over me. Mom heard me say, "Pee on my ass. Then f*** me."

I am SOOOOOOOO embarrassed now.

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  • Damn girl, you is a nasty one huh? but I like that, I mean nasty in a good way though, not puttin' you down but complementing your style girl, if I was your man I would've p***** on that ass just like you wanted then I would've tore up that stink hole of yours right in front of your mama.

  • I dont know why people are fixated on the age difference...5 years isnt horrible...
    I was 13 and lost it to a 19yo.

    was 16 and got pregnant by a 24yo

  • Yes finely someone who has experienced it with something valid to say, I agree with you, there is nothing wrong with a minor and adult sexing it up if they both so desire.

  • I this for real?? you are 14 and he is an adult!! you are just a little kid!!!! that is pretty disgusting that you wanted a man too pee on your ass like a homeless person....its a good thing your mother found out..

  • ya getting caught was a good thing, maybe your mother will do her job and keep the f****** pedo away from you, you are too young to understand such things yet

  • Its ok, I peed on ur moms butt right before I f***** her too. And take out the trash

  • lol.
    sounds cool.

  • He needs to go to jail. You're 14, you're a child. Boyfriend is a Pedophile.

  • Jeeez what's up with you busy body's? you people seriously need to get a life and stop worrying about something that doesn't even concern you... haven't you ever heard of "live and let live? pedophiles need loving too...

  • Trollololol.

  • Wow I'm really sorry, I had my boyfriends live with me for a while and my family walked multiple times. I promise it will just be a funny story in a few years:) at least your gettin laid right? Haha

  • Your a f***** moron! She's 14 and he's 19. What wrong with this picture? The creep is a f***** PEDO!!!!!

  • Who cares it's none of your business leave people alone and tend to you and yours, because the world doesn't revolve around your brainwasher, idiotic beliefs and opinions. get a life!!

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