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I'm a guy, 13, and there is girl that just came to our school from canada. She's so amazing! she plays guitar, sings, dances and shes had art lessons. anyway, She is also very pretty. Me and her have become good friends since she came and now i like her. She is friends with my other friends which is good cuz when they hang out with her, they can come back to me and tell me about her. Altough one problem...there are atleast 4 other guys that like her which means i have serious competition. I'm kinda the person who everyone hates because i hate everyone :) I hate the guys that like her. I know they like her because i've heard from other people and they've said it. I'm starting to get a litle worried because we aren't in the same class but the other guys are. Im also worried about them asking her out and her saying "yes". but i have some hopes for 2 reasons:
1. I am actually better friends with her e.g i do tennis with her and i've been to her house.
2.Her mum likes me :) She said that her mum likes me! not sure about her dad though.....So that helps alot also i hang out with her at recess and lunch lately.
But i'm still worried. I've been told be my friends that she doesn't like anyone at our school and her mum won't let her have a BF till she's 16. I don't want to ask her out now because it's highly likely she'll say "no" which could ruin any other attemps at asking her. and if she says no that leaves the other guys to go out with her. But we are both graduating this year and both going tot he same high school so i may get a second chance. Should i ask her out before they do? Or should i wait until i get the right place and time?

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