Im 13. I dont look 13, dont sound 13, dont feel 13. i feel 15, i feel mature and like i can do anything. the problem? i cant. i cant even fight with my mom over something as stupid as my bedroom. i want to live my live free and full of memories with no regrets. My parents always tell me to do what i want but as soon as its something they ask, it has to be done their way. i hate it. I want to be Myself. Not who someone else wants me to be. I cant stand up for myself and i hate. I hate fighting with elders. it kills me. I cant. i try to but i cant. Something stops me and tells me not to. Im tired of always being the good kid, The kid that everyone likes. Who will do what you ask, who you can take advantage of and pretend like your her bestfriend to use her for all the things she gets.
I guess you could call me spoiled. I have everything. a touch screen computer, an Iphone, ipod touchm ipod nano. Xbox 360, Ps3, Ps2, Wii, Gamecube, Nintendo64, Game boy, DS, 3DS, 3ds Lite, A projector, a big house. But i dont care. There not what matters to me. I would give it all up to travel around the world. To finish my studies, jet a good job, pay off everything, and retire at a young age.
I want to be a leader. not a follower.
I want to be a Manager, not the assistant.
I want to be a princible, not a teacher
and definately
i want to be free, not told of, Or have to follow ules or listen to anyone.

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  • You're a child and need to prioritise your focus,on your studies.You aren't mature and to be honest,appear very immature,beyond your 13 years.
    You're hormonal and experiencing puberty,that affects your emotions right now and will do,for a good few years.So, be respectful to your parents,clean your room,do your homework and just enjoy your teen years.Before you know it, you'll be an adult and supporting yourself.You'll have more to think about,than arguing with your mother,about cleaning your bedroom!! The joys of; no responsibilities and thinking about,nonsensical tripe at 13!!

  • GET YOUR C*** OUT OF HIS ASS F*****!

  • If a rule doesn't work for you then talk it out. There is no option about being polite to elders. There's a real b**** of a lady but i'm polite to her and i'm the only person she's nice to.

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