I'm in love with a girl 20 years younger than me

I'm a 35yo guy. I know I'm going to cop alot of grief for this post, but I am totally smitten by a 15yo girl. Totally and utterly. Can't stop thinking about her.

Before you all start shouting pedo, sicko etc. I want to say that I'd never act on her sexually at that age - although I am sexually attracted to her (she is pretty - has wicked curves that mesmerize me, smart, talented, mature for her age, funny, has the perfect smile).

I feel even worse that I actually have genuine feelings for her. Why? Several reasons. First, I know that nothing will ever eventuate from it. Although I suspect she MIGHT have some feelings towards me (I know she respects me), I still feel that they'd never end up anywhere even if she did. This makes me feel like s***. Second, I work with her parents. Her mother has photos of her in her office, and talks about her to me all the time (drives me nuts). I could never betray their trust, since society teaches us all that loving someone that young when my age is wrong, right??? Third - even if I tried to act on it secretly, she is the type to talk to her mother about everything - once again confirming that I have no f****** chance.

I have erotic dreams about her (h***, I'm still a guy - and she is very attractive), but I also have dreams where all we do is embrace each other. I dream of our first kiss. I dream of protecting her from harm. I feel great while having them. When I wake up to reality, I once again feel like s***.

I see her sometimes, and whenever we chat is - for me - like I'm in heaven. Until it's time for her to go. I want her more and more. I have occasion to SMS her sometimes - even that puts a smile on my face, wel ike to make each other laugh. Every time her mother talks about her, shows me a photo of her, makes me want her more and more. Every. Fkn. Time.

I wish so much I can tell you that I love you... You already know I care about your feelings, but if only you knew to what extent!

In short, I'm f*****.

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  • Stop f***** being a p**** to yourself you f***** conditioned slave to societal rule, grow up and grow a pair! It's time people stand up for what they believe or feel and stop letting others push them around and dictate their lives, because there is not a damn thing wrong with a man and a teen girl s******* around together if they both so desire, it is the most normal and natrual thing to do, just because some man made law or doctrin says it is wrong doesn't mean that it is, research is showing that there is no harm to children/teens who have romanic/sexual relationships with adults as long as there is no violence, coerion, force or threats... and the children are the initiaters which makes them the ones in power of the situation.

    I've been having s** and been in a few relationships with teen girls and some preteen girls since I was 30years old, these so called innocent children know what they want and they are not afraid to go after it so why should adults be afraid of the very nature of human sexuality? I have never raped(initiated, tried to force myself or s** on)any of the girls I've been with anything that developed was solely because of their initiating the romantic or sexual relationships.

  • Oh, also . . . my husband is ten years older than I am. So, I get it.

  • I am a 34 year old woman and I wanted to think you are a j*** but in the end I don't. I mean, you are clearly struggling with your feelings. As long as you stay on this side of the struggle both you and the girl will be safe. Perhaps, you could share your feelings with a counselor? I don't know what to tell you as far as how to handle the feelings. As far as what the guy below said, there is truth to that. In other countries most marriages are constructed of an older man and a much younger woman. So . . . BE CAREFUL, man!!! Flee the temptation!

  • I am 34 and I get attracted to girls that age all the time. I think its natural, I really do, even tho it is illegal. Young girls that age hot! That's when they are the most fertile. We are programmed to be attrcted to fertility and youth

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