Wife of my dreams

40 yo SWM. I have finally found true love with the woman I married a year ago. I met "J", 38 yo BF, 6 years ago on the job. She was a temp. We became friendly and our personalities hit it off. She was also married with a 13 yo daughter, who had a different father. We kept in touch after she got a job elsewhere, sometimes meeting for lunch. I never felt more at ease with a woman, especially given my series of bad relationships (one with an abusive GF). Part of my 'woman problem' was my crossdressing habit. Hey, I love it, I look good, but my GFs always doubted my sexuality. I'm totally str8, never even thinking about being with a dude.

J and I became good friends to the point of sharing our innermost feelings. She told me her husband was a player, traveled alot, and was shady. I told her I crossdressed. One Saturday night, she showed up at the drag bar I hung out in. She actually bought me a drink, and we hung out and talked and danced. Long story short, starting that night, we started an affair. S** had never been as good as with J. Her mom and daughter, who lived with her in her home, knew I crossdressed, and her mom knew of the affair. We had to break it off, as her husband was spending more time in NY and had a temper. He never knew of the affair.

We remained friends, and 2 years ago J called me and told me she divorced her husband. We immediately rekindled our affair and we became lovers. By now her mom, daughter, and her best F friends had seen me crossdressed, and accepted me fully. Her mom and daughter loved me. And since J and I are close in size (she's 5'6" and I'm 5'7"), I 'inherited' her old clothes and shoes from when she was 25 lbs heavier.

Last May we got married. I had gotten on my knees and kissed her feet when I proposed. She said yes and we both cried in each others arms. I gave up my apartment and moved in with my new family. I have never been so happy. I couldn't have a better mother in law or step daughter. Once a month J, I, and her best friends go to my drag bar for girls night out. I wear one of J's outfits, and they treat me so cool. J is my dreamgirl, and every night b4 bed I get down on my kness and kiss her feet in gratitude.

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