I'm 42 and I just found out I've been ugly all this time

I live my whole life, 42 years, huge successes, huge mistakes and I get everything, everything I want, dated hot girls, married a hit wife, brought a nice house, have to awesome kids, have a successful business, helped lots of people, I have close friends. Everything I could have asked for, and somethings I didn't know to ask for on top of that.

Then I take shot to the gut, a shot that cuts so deep, cuts so hard and hurts so much that it makes me cry for a week. It all came together, all made sense to quick and hurt all of me, and hurt deep. People think I'm ugly. What? OMG, it all makes sense, the disses, the fake hugs, the not paying attention at times, the not being invited, the comments by family, the comments by co-workers, the comments by my wife. Ouch, a pain so bad, I don't think I cried this much when my dad died.

It just all came together. This is why girls have sarcastically said who can resist me, this is why people thought a hot girl who hit on me was a gold digger, what else could she see. This is why my wife joked that we don't swing because the wives aren't attracted to me. This is why my brother in law and wife go out with good looking couples and don't invite us. This is why a long time employee gave me hugs so fake had to mention. This is why my brother said I don't climb mountains I go through them in his best man speech at my wedding. This is why I felt 3 employees of mine have walked away from me in public. This is why my wife has flirted with people in front of me. This s why my sister in law has made the comment in public, many times, that my wife thought I wasn't physically attractive. This is why people look at me as someone they can use. Maybe they feel I am lucky to hang out with them. This is why friends say silent when I have told them part of what I am feeling. This is also why some people have shown love to me and look past this and are extra nice to me. This is why I'm crying like a hurt little boy as I write this. Because I guess this must all be true. I'm so hurt. I feel so left out, I feel so sad. I feel like there is a world of beautiful people that all get along, all flirt with each other, and I have been on the sidelines, observing. not participating, and missing out on all the looks, all the glances, all the invites, all the flirting.

It hurts so much, It hurts so long, it hurts with no end in sight and so much pain that it has no choice but to be true. It hurts and I cant share, if I share, I speak it, if I share I validate.


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  • You’ve come this far to throw it all away?
    Guess what I’ve learned in my years as being somewhat attractive. The real fakers are the attractive ones because they have no souls and are always looking to bang each other’s spouses or coworkers. If your wife really makes comments like that about you she definitely has no soul. Just like me i found out true friends are the average looking ones who are there for you at any expense. Only advice I have is to be a great person in life from now own there’s no bigger reward

  • Stop complaining, enjoy your house and wife and car and life while you've got it.
    And if people don't like how you look, they can f*** off.

  • It's hard being the person who's the butt of every joke. I've been there before, and still am sometimes. I get those types of comments as well. Just the other day I had a co-worker say something rude about my face in a joke type manner. However, I feel like there's a little truth in every joke and what he said wasn't funny to me at all. I actually cried a lot when I got home that day. He also assumed off the bat I was a virgin solely based on my looks, because who'd want to f*** me? And then while he was joking around with another girl at work saying how guys use lame pick up lines on her, he then turned to me and said 'I'm sure you don't have to worry about that, I bet no guys ever tried to pick you up'. I stick up for myself of course, I don't sit around and take it. But regardless, words still hurt sometimes much more than actual physical pain. I've felt broken inside now for years due to abuse from the people around me. People I thought were my friends, people who I thought truly loved me. I've come to terms with the fact I'll never be beautiful, and maybe that means I'll end up alone. It's hard to cope with. Very hard.

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