The Awkward Break Ups

I read about one break up on this website, and I thought I should describe mine...

Me and this guy were sort of dating or going out/hanging out for three months before we decided to be in an official relationship. We were both 20 at the time.

We were in an official relationship for 6 months. Before the relationship ended we had two or three awkward weeks: I was very ill for about a week, and I couldn't go out and see him regularly. We texted each other instead.. One week after that I felt better, but we both had exams at UNI that week so we saw each other only a few times... that week and the next week our texting, which was usually very intensive, sort of decreased, to a point that we spent 3-5 days without a single message or call.
I didn't wanna call him or text him because he seemed distant to me, so I wanted to give him some space to figure things out. He did not ask for it, I just noticed it. Then... at the end of three awkward weeks he SENT ME A TXT saying something like: "this is not working bla bla... Im sorry bla bla... Im leaving."


I wrote: OK.

I mean... I was terribly in love with this guy, but him being so distant to me was because he met another girl. Not long after the break up txt I saw them together, walking, holding hands...
For 20 full days we were in complete silence. No calls no texts. He got him self a new girl and that was it.
Then, 20 days after out break up, he started texting me again... the whole texting process lasted for 2 months. It went from my complete ignoring him, to him being very sorry, to him asking for second chance... bla bla... I gave him his second chance after 2 months. I did it only because I was so in love with him, I loved him as I never loved anyone before, and because I suffered like h*** when we were apart.
Of course, my trust in him was lost for good, it wasn't the same, but since I was in love... we stayed together for a little while. For two or three weeks to be precise...
Then the same thing: we stopped calling, we stopped texting... the same f****** thing. I thought oh I know this, now goes my misery again, but I will stay strong, I won't make any drama, I won't call, won't text, lets see what happens... AND NOTHING HAPPENED. Usually if he gets distant it's because something or SOMEONE is on his mind. Probably someone was. Either that same girl or a new one...
I decided if he doesn't call or text in 5 days time, we're done. Since he didn't call or txt, in my mind we were done. None of us called or texted each other for the next 3 months. After 3 months he will be the one to send the first txt... I remember exactly where I was and what he wrote, and how I felt. It was his poetic attempt to say that he feels regretful and lost and what not. I replied to him almost immediately, I wrote one of his poetic bullshit quotes where he got my point which was: you f***** it all up, goodbye.
I mean... To stop calling/texting is a very stupid way to leave a girl. Really. Thats the only thing worse than sending a break up txt. And he did it both. To me.

What happened later on in life: So, for me this whole experience was difficult because I loved the guy. For him I don't know. He did love me, but then again he had a few more girls to love apparently.
In 6 months I was able to move on, although he was still my fresh wound, my mind was preoccupied with another thing. That was good for me.
As for him... After those 3 months of silence he sent me a txt. And another and another... In the next 2 years he was in 2 or 3 relationships (each of them lasted several months), but he never stopped sending me messages that I usually ignored. After those 2 years I moved away to another country and I cut all my contacts with him. His txt was the last one to receive when I was boarding the plane right before I shut off my phone for a year. After a year when I came back to our city and when I reactivated my phone, he found out that I was back and he started texting me again. I wasn't replying any of them anymore.

Eventually he stopped texting me for good. Now sometimes when we meet we say Hi. Mostly we say nothing at all...
My friends don't know about us, our story, or our past. They don't know that we know each other at all. SO sometimes when Im with friends and I meet him somewhere, we don't say HI, but my friends ask me: "why was that guy staring at you?" I reply: "I don't know, isn't he a bit weird."

Sep 30, 2014

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  • He is one of the Top worst bfs ever. And he had no reason to get another girl or do anything to leave you just cuz you're sick or busy with exams. And if he got someone new, he should've ended things right away. Ppl like that shouldn't be bothered with anymore either. Only times I'd say s**** it & continue talking to someone, is if I didn't have that much going on in my life & didn't care who I talked to at the moment. And I once dated a girl online who would say her internet was down - she was off for about a month, came back & talked to her other friends before me (I got back home & had to msg her), then disappeared for another 2 wks saying she was having more internet probs. There were numerous times she treated me like s*** & talked to other guys instead. Only reason I didn't dump her right away is cuz I was in love too & I loved the dirty things we talked about everyday.

  • He is the type of guy that enforces the stereotype that guys shouldn't be trusted. It took me a loooong time to be able to trust someone again.
    But online dating is a different thing I think... Well I dont know I never dated anyone online, I don't even know what that looks like. I guess the point is the same: how certain people treat their significant other..

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