I hate my stepson

I hate my stepson with every breath in my body I hate him. It all started a few Christmas's ago I had a few things out from my recently passed little brother I had told him not to play with them. I went to the store to grab a pie ( the store isn't even a block from the house and he had cut everything to shreds. Now me and my kids have nothing left from my brother :( Well a month goes by and we get custody of him and his sister. I wonder if I am prepared to take care of four kids by myself while my husband works out of state. ( I have 2 of my own) Well as soon as he got here it was h*** and to think I thought his sister was going to be the problem child. this kid is seven he has tried multiple times to touch my daughter. Yes we reported possible s** abuse but mom denies her sleezy boyfriend ever touched him so that was that. He hoards food my house smells like dead animals because I can never find all his hiding spots. We tried to show him that we always have food. He takes what he wants breaks the toys the other kids have yes my son has nothing now not his drums not his cars nothing!!! He broke it all! Along with his lying his hoarding etc. He steals not just food but expensive jewelry, movies etc, and no not just from us from the neighbors too. I had to put window locks on the door he s**** in the closet if I discipline him smears it everywhere. If not that he takes your clothes and pees on them. Tears holes in all of our furniture. Colors on the walls and ceiling ( we have bunk beds) He is h***. It isn't just me that hates him so do all of the other kids too! and his dad. This kids is the devil himself oh yes did I mention he is only 8!!! I have had to apologize to multiple neighbors for him robbing them. God I can't stand him I wish he would just die yes I truly do and I know it is terrible of me but I can't help it which is why we are putting him in foster care. It isn't healthy for him to live here, Or with his crack head molesting mother! So yes I hate my car destroying, furniture destroying, house, home and family destroying, lying, theiving, stepson. Oh yes and none of you can tell me if some 8 yr old continually told your 3 yr old daughter to tickle his pee pee. You wouldn't have feelings of resentment. If you think I don't understand abuse of kids you are so wrong. My own kids and I were abused by my kids dad. broken bones and everything my son spent three months in ICU and was given three hours left to live. ( No not because of my ex but his small intestine went inside his colon and died+ complications) I have overcome a great deal in my life and I thought I was strong enough to handle this but I cry alone every night. I am not strong enough for him. Yes with everything I have overcome in my life all it took was an 8 yr old to break me.


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  • He needs help get him a psychiatrist maybe

  • He's been abused, don't hate him, hate his behaviour and whomever abused him. You need to get this kid to therapy. He's only 8, can u honestly say you knew what you know what you were doing when u were 8? Did you have a mature judgement and outlook? He's going to grow up and have major issues for the rest of his life and prob look back and think no one cared enough about him to help him and stophis habit forming behaviour from a young age because he can't exactly help himself or make reasonable decisions at 8 now can he? Don't let you're emotions run away with u, make a rational logical decision for this kid. You and your husband are the only ones that can help him. Care for him and break these habits and maladaptive behaviour hes forming now for thesakeof a happylifefor this kid or you will forever be feeling guilty of not doing enough for him when he is leads leer and dead from suicide or drug overdose or whatever kills him coz something will.

  • After much venting. I have come to see that it is wrong of me to hate a child and I don't per se hate him but his behavior and while I can not change his behavior I can certainly forgive him for the things he has done and change my behavior and accept the situation as it is. This way I am not filled with so much anger or resentment towards something I have no control over.

  • He needs help quick or you will just have more problems in the future. Hoarding food is a bad sign of some kind of disfunction or disorder there is something wrong there somewhere. You need to think of protecting your own children too, get him some help.

  • The behavior of the 8 year old totally sounds as though he has been abused, it's really quite sad. But the safety and sanity of you and your children need to be protected too. Can the mother and her boyfriend be brought up on abuse charges? Something has certainly happened to this kid. Can you get him into intensive therapy? Just sounds like he will just get worse. He's just going to get older and bigger and then then you just have a kid with huge anger and social problems.

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