Feeling slutty and awful.

A couple nights ago I went to visit a friend who I had not seen in a year and a half. I had always found him attractive, but he had a girlfriend now and they lived together. His GF and I got along right away, and we all had a great night together. Along the way we also got stoned out of our minds.

She went to bed early and around 3am I was laying on the couch with my head in his lap. Pot makes me h**** and stupid (spoiler alert). I started rubbing myself down there. He looked over at me and tried to get me to realize what I was doing. I was too high to care and I guess he decided that he was too and he pulled out his d***. I ended up blowing him on his couch while his GF was asleep in the next room.

The AC was loud, and she is a heavy sleeper, and we didn't get caught. But now I feel awful. I can't believe I did that. I feel like such a w****. I realize that he is the one who cheated on someone. But I still did a s***** thing. His GF is really nice too. I would feel awful if she found out and broke up with him.

Damn, I suck (double meaning alert!)

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  • Well, you both made poor decisions here. Try for the silver lining and as the GF for a threesome?

  • The only thing that matters is, did you swallow?

  • Hahahahaaaaaaaaaa.....

  • Don't be to h****** yourself. Its natural for a h**** girl to suck c***. Its the guys fault , he could have pushed you away instead of letting you blow him off !! Where are his morals?. You keep sucking as much c*** as you need to girl. Just be careful you don't get caught.

  • Stupid guilt creeping in where it doesn't belong. Listen, you did nothing wrong. He did nothing wrong. You engaged in a recreational activity with each other and you both got the entertainment you were looking for. Just get your head together and stop feeling so guilty before you s**** something up.

  • Like I said before If you can't handle the drink, weed, pills or whatever then you shouldn't even be endulging in them!! no one to blame but yourself.... hope you wise your stupid young ass up soon before you get yourself into more s*** then your already in.

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