Silent War

So I guess this is the silent war, huh? When you hate me and I hate you.
And we never talk about things because neither of us want to say we messed up.
We both did.

We're equally stubborn. But we were the best of friends.
Our relationship seemed so strong nothing could break it.
So why should I apologize for being in love with you?
You knew, and never said a thing about it.
So when I was there, easy to hook up with - you did it. And I caved into you.

But you discarded me just as easily.
You wanted to climb the social rungs and ladder; if it meant leaving me behind, you didn't care.
So what exactly did I see in you, dear friend.
I don't rememember anymore.

It's fine if we ignore one another.
It's fine that we never said goodbye.
But a silent war?
A secret war?

No, please. It breaks my heart to have lost you, so don't hurt me even more.

Dec 4, 2012

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  • Some people are selfish... Good luck.

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