What I found in a bag of carrots on a nice day

I found something horrible. Well it was the act that was horrible.
Scene 3 Act IV
With anger hate and burglary a not so silent crime goes unpunished.

Enter a conspiracy of two or more. I made a Low budget film a short horror flick for the Silent film Festival. This made someone made because I was the Producer Editor and Sole actor. In a scene that I did not plan a scene created with hate anger and criminal minds by conspirators of no rhyme or reason a group of fool hungry waste aways that lack creativity and vision polluted my silent film with an extra act. Act IV
They contaminated a bag of perfectly good carrots with yucky and yucky is yucky does so I used my edit cut function and removed them all together from the video footage. I used a mouse click to erase the hate anger and evil they tried to place on my awesome silent film about the Blanc De Hotot God's first warm blooded creation after the reset. God's favorite creation.

May 24, 2021

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