I found out my teacher is a THOT!

All these teacher confessions and now I want to share mine! I met some guy on this app whisper last year who i found out knew one of my teachers. I dont know how it came up, but he named 2 teachers at my school that he knew and she was one of them. She's an 8th grade teacher and shes really pretty and shes married but this guys said he's best friends with a guy she dated when her and her husband were broken up a couple years ago.
She's this sweet tiny little thing thats all bubbly and happy but like mostly quiet and you wouldn't think her to have a wild side.
So the guy randomly tells me that he knew some stuff about her but he couldnt tell me bc i would never look at her the same. so yeah of course I wanted to know now.
So he tells me how his friend basically hooked up with her all summer and he had been staying at a beach house with the friend and my teacher would go out drinking with them and then come back to their beach house for smashing. Im like, my teacher is a THOT!! so i figured at first he was just making stuff up, but he knew like oddly specific details, like random stuff, like about a freckle she had right above her nipple and like how her husband goes to the gym and is really jacked, and he showers there most mornings but he has a really little D (btw, her husband is my gym teacher next year hahahaha) he's hot though it's ok.
It's funny bc Im going into next school year now wondering if I know things about his wife that he doesnt even know.
From what people have told me, teacher's are freakier then the students they teach!

Jun 1, 2020

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  • I remember in middle school I went to a Christian School and one day when we were out for recess my friends and I saw a condom that some one had used and filled with c** then tied it to the wrought iron fence.

    Mrs McRae my 6th grade teacher came up to us and asked what we were looking out. She then saw the condom and told us to go play she then stood by the fence and played with it behind her back. I’ll never for get the smile on her face while she played with it and when it popped she quickly licked her fingers and smiled.

  • My English teacher was hot! She always wore tight clothing and she had a fantastic body. I remember she always used to stare at me and my friends used to comment on this. Think back now, I'm sure if I tried I could of f***** her.

  • My Spanish teacher is around 24, single, and appears to be as h**** as I am. All my high school senior year I tried getting in her pants, but she'd have none of it. Our school has shut down because of the Corona Virus. A month ago I met her at a local supermarket. We went to her apartment for coffee and had s**. Now that I am 18 and no longer her student, she was most willing. She has the most amazing perky t*** I have ever seen. I swear her nipples tilt up at a 45 degree angle. She has the tightest p*ssy, much tighter than many of the girls my age

  • Teachers in the summers be wild. My older sister and her best friend are teachers in my school. soooo many crazy stories

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