What girl ages would be most intereted?- Want girl's answers only

Before I began, I would like to mention that I have already posted this, but I decided to make another one because some weirdarse kept commenting about his tiny c***, lol bet he was 12.. ;) Also, anything that you see here is true, seriously I really have no time to post a fake status and I don't think it would help me in any way.
I'm turning 16 this yr (2013), fairly tan, have pretty big biceps and almost have a full 6 pack. I have black hair (with a fringe running across my forehead), and I stand at 5'6 tall.
So right before you go off at me, yes this is 100% real, I get called, hot, cute, sexy most of the time, but I've had a big thing lately - can't find anyone that matches me. Sure they like my looks and everything, but I seriously don't feel a connection. So have a think, maybe I need to go for older girls, because I have been told that I'm far beyond my age as far as socializing. So please tell me what age girls would best suit me and tell me your age and describe what you look like, and if you're REALLY interested then I could prove it to you, just make sure you keep checking back!

Thankyou everyone,

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  • Young as you can while your still 16. Do it, do it. Enjoy the untouched tightness you'll never have (legally) again.

  • Don't try for older women until you're legal age. You'll just get one in trouble with the law.

  • Wow you're conceited. Tone it down a little and maybe you'll find someone

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