Your wife is totally right about me

I really HAVE had my eye on you from the moment we started working together. Even before that, actually, since our attraction to one another started when we met during the interview process before they hired me. I don't even care that she works there at the same place, and I don't care that she sees me watching you and flashing you (secretly) and flirting with you and coming on to you nearly every time I do it. Sometimes I even do it when I know she's watching, just to p*** her off and make her crazy. When it started, all I was interested in was a fling, or maybe an actual affair. But that she's started making a point of trying to keep you away from me and to "order" me not to talk to you (is she f****** KIDDING with that s***???!?) it's f****** ON. I'm not just going to seduce you into an affair, or something temporary. I'm going to take you away from her and from the kids. Totally take you away and keep you. You know I can do that. She knows I can do that. Look at her. And then look at me. This won't be a contest at all. I'm going to get you, and it will be easy. [And by the way, I'm typing this at the office...........WHILE THAT B**** IS LOOKING AT ME!] I'm going to take you away from her and from the family and I'm going to f****** OWN YOU!!!!!

Feb 11, 2013

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  • WOW why would you do that. You are destroying a marriage
    having an affair that's sad that you think your not worth it enough to be the only women for a man.with the jezebel spirit in you. repent turn from your sins and leave that married man before you die and end up in h***.
    it feels good to have him huh? you feel a rush just being with him? that's all those demons in you filling your soul with pride feeling good about destroying a union.

  • He and I are actually quite good together, but I admit that you're right: the primary rush I get is from the absolute certainty that I can destroy their marriage any time I want to. I also admit that the reason I haven't done that yet is because it is sooooooo much fun watching her twist in the wind as I toy with her. She's never caught us yet, but that's because I'm so much smarter than she is, but somehow I'm sure she knows I'm on him and won't ever get off of him. Not EVER. She can probably smell my p**** on him whenever I send him home to her and the kids. I just love knowing that I can have him whenever I want and on whatever terms I want, and that I can blow up their marriage whenever I want, and that there is nothing . . . she . . . can . . . do . . . about it. He will never give up this p****.

  • Nasty

  • diseased w**** gets new stds and spreads them all around town

  • For those who were supportive of me in my plan to hook up with this guy, I just wanted you to know that I got him! I mean, we're involved, we're having the affair, and it's totally wonderful. I haven't gotten him to leave home yet, but I haven't asked him to, and that's just a matter of time. He's already "in love" with me, and that is the first step. Next, I'm going to get him to stop sleeping in the same room as his wife, and start driving wedges between the two of them at the office and spend more time around him myself. This is going to be sooooooooo much fun.

  • Do you know that what you are doing is ruining a family. just think because of your selfish attitude those kids are going to grow up with alot of baggage in their lives.

  • Your life is gonna blow up in your face....if he does it to his wife he'll have no issue doing it to a homewrecking w****...

  • That probably could happen to some women, if they were weak-willed, or stupid, or had planned poorly, but trust me when I tell you: that will NEVER happen to me. I've already got my hooks into this man so far and deep that he won't be able to throw them. He's mine. He wouldn't admit that yet, because he's a man and he has pride like a man and he doesn't want to seem p****-whipped, but he is already p****-whipped and can't do without my p****. He wants it every day, but he isn't getting it every day: I string him out, using my p**** like a drug, and he's already addicted and is totally begging for more and more and more and more. He'll do as he's told. Believe me, his wife and family are history and he will marry me whenever I say so. He can't get enough of my p**** (or my mouth, or my a******), and when I finish with the wedges I'm putting between him and his wife at work, he won't even be able to remember her f****** name. If that b**** had just left me alone, none of this would of happened. But she f***** with me, and so now I'm going to take her man and end her family, and I'm going to f****** love it. And so is he. In fact, he already is loving it.

  • Thats f****** hot, you gotta tell us how u finally got him to bang you and where have you guys been f******? i recently got another coworker to blow me after a bunch of us went out for drinks, we were in the office parking lot at night, it was so hot because i knew we were in range of the security camera but i checked the video later and it was too dark for the camera to catch anything

  • OMMFG! That is so HOT!!! I mean, the BJ by itself is hot, but getting her to do it while knowing that people or the camera might see is CRAZY hot! Congratulations on doing that, and I hope the two of you continue the relationship and get to do even wilder, hotter, nastier, filthier things, at the office and in other places. Don't let her go!! For me, it was easier than I thought. I did my open-shirt no-bra flashy-thing for four straight days, and then on the fifth day, I "called in sick" so he would miss me, then went in after hours when I knew he would be the only one on Floor 2. I walked into his office, unbuttoned my long winter coat and showed him that I was only wearing a bright-red teddy with "F*** Me Now" in neon-pink letters on the front. I didn't even have to say a word: he got up from his desk, closed his door, and did what "Teddy" told him to. I've been working him hard since then, and everything I do makes him hungrier for the p****. He's mine, alright. M-I-N-E.

  • Wow, that sounds f***** hot, i wish i could f*** at the office, but me and this one chick have said we will get together again when we go out for drinks, i will keep ya updated and please keep us updated on your f****** with this guy, dam, i can only imagine how hot u must look in that teddy

  • It was a great little silky thing I got at a little shop that sells s**-toys and s**-lube and stripper- clothes/heels. You HAVE to take your girl to one of those stores and buy her a few nasty items. I haven't been to this place with this guy, but I've gone there with other guys in the past and it's a really hot shopping trip to make with whoever you're partying with (particularly after several drinks), so this chick you're doing at work would love to go with you, I just know it. Especially since she's willing to give you filthy BJs in front of the security cameras! I totally love this girl, and I know you do, too!!!!

  • Any update?

  • I gotta find some time with this chick, keep in mind, i have gotten bj's from two coworkers and f***** one of them, the one who just blew me was also talking about trying a***, so i might get me some of that action too

  • Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. You really do need to get some of that. I'm getting mine and you need to get yours. Don't wait. Get after her!

  • Oh, YEAH, baaaaaybeeee! Go for the girl that wants it up the ass! She sounds nasty, and built for the long-term. Don't stop! Keep on hitting that s***! You know you want it!!

  • If i keep getting the chances, of course i am gonna try to get some ass or blow jobs or whatever from these chicks, i just cant wait to hear more from this woman on hows she is doing with this married guy

  • Update: the two coworkers i have messed around with invited me to a party they are having with other female coworkers, they want me to be the sober one to make beer runs and drive anybody home thats too drunk....well if they are too drunk then i am pretty sure i am gonna get some of those drunk chicks

  • Start devising a plan to get them all. You may have to take them home at different times in order to accomplish it, but you seem like the kind of man that can do that. I have the feeling that you are gonna end up with more p**** in your life than you can imagine. Go get all that t***!

  • please tell us more about what your doing

  • What the h***? Is this taken from some script for a thriller or something? Earth to poster!

  • That's a great idea! It really would make a great movie, and especially so after the s** starts. And that should be extremely soon, because he's getting to the point where he's coming around to MY office now, where before it was me going to his office. And he even walks around the office now looking for me (my friends notice, and he even asks about me!). So, this relationship is going to go between the sheets - or in the storage closet, on in the restroom, or on his desk, or in my car - SOON. Thanks for the thought and the support.

  • Oh yeah, just gets hotter and hotter

  • and nastier and nastier and nastier

  • You sound like a psycho which means you're probably delusional. Taking a man away from his wife is one thing, but from his kids? What a piece of trash you are.

  • I know you're entitled to your opinion, but taking him away is not that much of a deal and it doesn't require very much effort AT ALL. I know because I have done that with another man a couple of years ago. You can't do it with ALL men (I know that too from experience), but there are some who are so hot for a really nasty piece of ass that they just don't care about anything except getting that really nasty piece of ass and keeping that ass for themselves. Believe me, I know what I'm talking abut and I know what I'm doing, and I totally KNOW that this guy will want nothing but me when I'm finished tuning him up: he won't even be able to remember those kids names once he starts hitting this. Plus, since he's going to leave them, I can give him new ones that he'll care more about than this batch of shitheads he's got now. I'm the total package and he already knows that; he just hasn't acted on it yet. BUT HE WILL.

  • You are seriously f****** crazy....

    This is why there are so many stories of murder on ID network. Seriously....

  • Dam, i wanna hear more about how u have been flashing him, and eventually an update if you got to bang him or not

  • I haven't had s** with him yet, but it's just a matter of time. There are two main ways that I flash him at work. The first is when I work with the team I'm on in the conference room across the hall from his office, and I sit at the end of the conference table, turn my chair toward his office (it has a glass wall right there), and cross and uncross my legs like a million times: when I know he's there, I always go to the ladies room beforehand and remove my panties so that he gets a priceless view of the goodies and can see that I'm hairless down there. The second way is when I have to go to his office to get his approval or signature on stuff. I first drop by the ladies and take off my bra, unbutton a couple extra buttons and then lean across his desk to hand him the things to sign. He always smiles and says "nice dress", always sooooo cool, which is why I know he wants to hit it and why I know I can have him. And when he says "nice dress", my reply is always either "I'll give it to you right here" or "it looks better off". At our office Christmas party, somebody told a sexual harassment joke, and after that group drifted I went up to him (while his horrible wife had gone to pee) and told him, "If you don't start sexually harassing me, I'm going to start sexually harassing you". He just laughed and said, "that just might be worth my getting fired over". Even as cool as he is, I think he's maybe waiting for me to make the first obvious move, and now that his wife is intentionally trying to keep us apart, I'm going to make that first move on him. And I'm going to get him. Mark my words.

  • Thats kinda how it happened for me, i talked to this chick at work, great ass, i find out shes a swinger and bi and all that good stuff, eventually she let me grab her ass and get under her shirt, she never wears a bra, and about a month ago we finally banged, and i cant wait to f*** her again

  • God, that is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO totally f****** sexy. And she sounds like a totally great partner for you, whether or not it ever gets serious for the two of you. I mean, I hope it DOES get serious for you guys and I hope you can keep doing her, because it makes the work situation so hot. So, do you guys talk about it while your at work? I mean, is there sexy talk between you amd do you ever "do" anything at the work place, even a little? God, the more I think about you and her the sexier the whole thing seems. I hope you get her soon. And maybe even for Valentines Day? Is that possible? Is she married? Are you? GOOD LUCK!

  • Nah, i dont think it would get serious, but i think we will continue to get together, even if its just for a b*******, but we do text each other either when we are h**** or she has a hot pic of herself or i took a pic of myself and i send it to her. also when i go to her desk, if no one is around, she does let me rub her t***, depending on what she is wearing, i sometimes get under her sweater to rub her t***

  • I love the fact that the two of you do that, but even more, I love the fact that you're doing it AT THE OFFICE! That is so incredibly HOT, and you really have to keep at it! That's what I want to do with my guy, and I hope to be able to very soon. Really, what you and her are doing is just soooooooo f****** sexy!

  • I think what you are doing to him is sexy too, i dont think i would be able to hold back like he is

  • You need Jesus badly. Did you know that the deepest recess in
    H*** is reserved for those who commit adultery? Read Proverbs
    Chapter 7. Repent, before its too late.

  • Adultery is fun and everybody does it.

  • Jeez, crazy much? You're like something out of Hollywood. Get a life b****.

  • Pathetic. Get a life. And a man of your own.

  • That is precisely what I am doing: getting a man. And he is going to be a man of my own, because I'm going to own that m***********, you just wait and see. His wife doesn't stand a chance. Not one.

  • Ob U will never ever have a man that loves you!!! you sound like a pathetic Homewrecking Horr!!! you need to go see a shrink beacause u have f****** Serious MENTALL ISSUES!!!! FROM WHAT i HEAR FROMYOUR WRITING IS U HAVE LOW OR NO SELF ESTEEM!!! ver very sad

  • Don't worry, hun: my self-esteem is just fine. Especially now that I've gotten him in my pants. I knew I could and I knew I would, and I did. So, it's all good. He is totally in love with me and with our relationship.......which is on fire! I feel great, and so does my new man. Yes, that's MY man!

  • It'll be fascinating to see in the News soon if some woman (jilted and justifiably enraged wife) walks into some Offices somewhere (packing a gun) and blows some crazy-ass b****'s head off. We'll wonder: "Gee, might that have been that crazy s**** that was on, incessantly and rabidly bragging about her Home Wrecking abilities?" I guess we'll never know. Oh, and good luck with that. Damn glad I don't know ya!

  • LOL. That's too funny. You would have to know her for it to be funny to you. She doesn't have the b**** for that. Once I finish off her marriage, she'll go away. Keep in mind: all I intended to do at the beginning was f*** the guy a few times. I only decided to take him once she started her s***. And when she realizes that SHE did this, she won't be a problem.

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