The Hanson jobs

I've started getting involved in Hanson jobs with some connections I know here locally.

You have all heard of the Chris Hanson thing where he lures pedophiles to people's homes and ends up interviewing them before the cops grab them.

Well, I wasn't aware but I guess it has caught on with gangs all over the place where they do the same thing, but not for an interview.

My friend/dealer knows I like doing a lot of hacker stuff online so he asked me to help out. I basically just get online and act like a young girl, I kinda feel the guy out to go with the right age. Some dudes like girls as young as 7. I talk them up and get them going, then convince them to come over to "my place". Telling them my parents aren't home.

I sometimes tell them to bring liquor or beer or whatever. I sometimes tell them to bring some cash so we can go to a hotel that is close by that is discreet, I tell them enough for the whole weekend if they want.

I help the guys find foreclosed homes to work out of, it's pretty easy to find online. The guys go break into the house and hide out in the garage or wherever (I'm not involved in this part).

When the perv gets there the guys will jump out and taze him and tie him up. They steal his money and his car. Usually there are more than one guy per night I send to the house (had 8 in one night once!). They throw the dudes in the basement or in an empty room and tell them the cops are on their way and to sit tight.

I guess they have their connections for stealing the cars because they get most of their money from that. I get my cut in drugs and a split of whatever the dude brings with him (I have a fully stocked liquor cabinet).

I kinda feel bad because I've seen a few news reports about older guys who are going missing. I wonder if they're in the basement of one of those houses. Who knows, they deserve what they get anyway. Sick f****.

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  • Robot Chicken.Chris hanson got what he deserved.

  • Ohh i think what you're doing is great i pray you are blessed

  • You are no better than them...and you are gonna get hurt.

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