I told you.

You spent most of our time together b******* about everything I do. Basic message: you don't like me. It's always about why am I in your house, I'm using you, you can't stand having me around, yet I don't pay enough attention to you... blah, blah, blah. There's something wrong with everything I do-- and don't do. Yet, any time I have tried to honor your request to leave, you throw another hissy fit about me 'breaking up the relationship'. I've stood by you through everything. Your legal troubles, your suicide attempts-- you even left ME to take care of YOUR daughter in the hospital so you could go home and 'get some sleep' after her baby was born, something you would never do for me if it was one of my kids. Despite my being up for 36 hours with her while you were home 'sleeping', you turned around the next day and accused me of having 'my thumb up my ass' and 'playing on the computer' while I tried to catch up my emails from clients. Emails I was late in answering because I was taking care of your kid and HER kid.

I never said I wanted to go. I just said I don't want to be where I'm not wanted. But I told you-- if you kept talking, you would get what you want. And now you have. And you're mad about that, too. I told you that if you kept talking, the door would open and I would be out of your life forever. The door is opening. My professional career has skyrocketed and my financial standing is getting stronger every day. I'm getting calls. I'm going to be all over this United States. But you won't be with me. You wanted me gone. I was the worst thing that ever happened to you, remember? So now it looks like I'm going, going on to bigger and better things. And you're mad about that, too. I don't know why. You're getting exactly what you wanted, sir. I'm gone. Out of your life. Forever.

Apr 13, 2013

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